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science test on scientific method


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how many steps are in the scientific method?
what is the 1st step of the scientific method?
state the question
what is the 2nd step of the scientific method?
reasearch and collect backround information
what is the 3rd step of the scientific method?
form a hypothesis
what is the 4th step of the scientific method?
test the hypothesis by experimenting
what is the 5th step of the scientific method?
make observations about the experiment
what is the 6th step of the scienfific method?
record and interpert data
what is the 7th step of the scientific method?
draw a conclusion
what is the 8th step of the scientific method?
communicate the results
a prediction about the outcome of an experiment
using your senses to gather information about the world
atempting to explain the reasons behind the things you observe
making an inference about something that might happen ing the future based on past experiences
the obsrevations and measurements you make during an experiment
communicating your results
sharing information that you have learned from an experiment with others
a test of a hypothesis
any factor that you change in an experiment
manipulated variable
the one factor that a scientist changes during an experiment
responding variable
what you measure or observe to obtain your results
controlled experiment
an experiment in which all factors are identical except one
operational definition
a statement that describes how a particular variable is to be measured or how a term is to be defined
interpreting data
looking for a pattern or trend in the data
drawing a conclusion
using the pattern in the data to decide whether it proves the hypothesis
bar graph
a graphic orgonizer of data from variables that fall into catergories
line graph
a graphic orgonizer of data from variables that are measured on a continuous scale

ex; tempurature,time,#of days
controlled treatment
the experimental group with no change in variables

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