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Chapter 1 - Scientific method


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the practical use of scientific information to improve the quality of human life.
scientific law
a rule that describes but doesn't explain a pattern in nature and predicts what will happen under scientific conditions.
physical science
the study of matter and energy; topics for study include chemistry and physics.
using your sense to gather information
a symbolic representation of an idea, system or structure to make something understandable
independent variable
in an experiment the factor adjusted to a different value by the experimenter to see what effect it will have on a dependent variable.
a testable prediction used to see how something works or to solve a problem.
an organized procedure for testing a hypothesis. An experiment typically has a control, dependent and independent variables.
dependent variable
in an experiment, the factor whose values change because of a change in the independent variable.
in an experiment a standard for comparison that is often needed to draw meaningful conclusions.
in an experiment, a factor that doesn't change.

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