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*rapidly developing
*fluctuating state of reduced awareness
*trouble shifting or focusing attention AND at least ONE deficit of memory, orientation, perception or language AND sx are not better explained by dementia
inability to use previously possessed language skills
Cannot perform certain motor acts even though physically capable and understands what is being ask to do
Cannot recognize or identify familiar objects
Disorganized Speech
* Also called "loose associations"

* Mental association are governed by rhymes, puns and other rules rather than logic

* Materially interferes w/ communication
* False beleif that can't be explained by culture or education

* person can't be persuaded that beleif is incorrect
* False sensory perception that occurs in the absence of a related sensory stimulus.

* Can effect all 5 sense but usually is auditory or visual
Disorganized Bx
* Odd, does not appear to be goal-directed (i.e. taking one's clothes off in public)
* Memory loss
* Can't learn new information or can't recall information previously learned
* Cognitive deficits (apraxia, aphasia, agnosia, loss of executive functioning)
*Cause is usually found w/in central nervous system
*relatively fixed, recovery rare
* Out of touch with reality

* Must have ONE of the following:
-disorganized bx
-disorganized speech
-negative sx
*ill for at least SIX months
*with at least TWO of the following lasting at least ONE month:
-disorganzied bx
-disorganized speech
-negative sx

*does not have significant manic or depressive sx
Schizophrenia - Paranoid Type
* Have persecutory delusions and auditory halluciantions
Schizophrenia - Disorganized Type
* Have neg sx and disorganized speech and bx
*delusions and halluciations less prominent, however if present not organized.
Schizophrenia - Catatonic Type
*Cardial sx excessively retarded or excited activty and bizarre bx
Schizophrenia - Undifferentieated Type
* Have some of all FIVE basic psychotic sx
Schizophreniform Disorder
* Have ALL sx of schizophrenia but have been ill for only 1- 6 months
Schizoaffective Disorder
* for at least ONE month have sx of schizophrenia AND have prominent sx of mania or depression
Brief Psychotic Disorder
* Have at least ONE of the basic psychotic sx for LESS than one month
Fear of public and open places
voluntary or intention production of signs and sx of physical or mental illnes for some type of gain.

Often confused with Facticious Disorder in which motive is not external but wish to occupy sick role and Somatoform Disorder in which sx is not intentionally produced.

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