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Revolution and Change in England


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radical attempt to change the structure of a country's gov't and society
Long Parliament
english parliament elected in 1640 which recovened periodically for 20 yrs.
a document outlining the fundamental laws and principals that govern a nation
(Irish word that suggested Catholic Out law)they supported the hereditary right of James II to rule
(Suggested a group that was rebellious)claimed the right to deny the throne to James II and wanted a strong parliament. They vigorously opposed the idea of a catholic ruler
Rump Parliament
The parliament of 1640; reconvened periodically for 20 yrs
Charles II
was the king of England: he had no children so his brother James II became king
James II
Became King of Enlgand after his older brother Charles II: he had two girls with one wife and a boy with another wife
Oliver Cromwell and New Model Army
possesed the qualities of a powerful orator and skilled leader: new model army was a well organized army led by Oliver Cromwell
they were for the pariament
William and Mary
They became the first joint rulers of England: they took over the throne of Mary's father James II
Thomas Hobbes
An English philosopher that lived through the English Civil War and wrote his philosophy he wrote the book Leviathan
a form of government in which voters elect oofficials to run the state.
Mary I ("Bloody Mary")
became the first raining queen of england

Also she had nearly 300 people burned at the stake, that is why she is called Bloody Mary

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