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word smart 2-10


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뤼 클레임 2, 개간하다:A century ago, turning a swamp into cropland was called ~ing it; now it is called destroying wetlands.:재생하다:At the recycling facility, massive electromagnets are used to ~ steel and iron from scrap(a 한 조각 , 파편; 단편, 토막
b [a ~; 부정문에서] 조금
2 [pl.] 동강난 것, 먹다 남은 것, 남긴 것
3 [pl.] (신문 등의) 오려낸 것, 스크랩; 발췌
4 쓰레기, 폐물; (쇠)부스러기, 고철 ) metal.
뤼 드뤠쓰 2, <폐해사회악 등을> 일소하다:The head of the environmental group explained that by suing the chemical factory for violating clean air laws, he was using the courts to ~ a civil wrong.:n.뤼 드뤠쓰 1:reparation; compensation; making amends for a wrong.
뤠 퍼 렌 덤 3, 국민투표:At the very last minute, the state legislators snuck(미방언 SNEAK의 과거과거 분사) a large pay raise for themselves into the appropriations bill, but voters got wind of the scheme and demanded a ~.(get [have] ~ of 의 소문을 알아내다, 눈치채다 )
뤼 프뤡 터 뤼 2, 말안듣는:The old man viewed all children as drooling, complaining, ~ little monsters.:난치의:The doctors prescribed then antibiotics before finding one that worked on Helen's ~ infection.
뤠 저 먼 1, a regulated(규칙적이 되게 하다, 규칙 바르게 하다) course:Mrs.Stewart is having trouble following the new ~ her doctor gave her; she can handle the dieting and exercise, but sleeping on a bed of nails is hard for her.
뤼 미쉬 언 2, 사면:The appeals court granted Ronnie a partial ~ of his crimes; it threw out two of his convictions, but it upheld the third.:(아픔병 등의 일시적) 경감, 완화, 진정:Isabel's cancer has been in ~ for several years now--long enough for most people to have trouble remembering the dark period when she was gravely ill.
뤼 뮤 너 뤠이 션 4, 보답:The firefighter viewed the child's hug as more than adequate ~ for crawling through the burning building to save her.
뤤드 찢다:A heart-~ing story is one that is so very terribly sad that it tears a reader's heart in two.
뤤 덜 1, make:Steve's funny faces ~ed his sister incoherent with laughter.:give:"We can ~ some form of financial assistance, if that is what you desire,"the official suggested delicately.:(글그림으로) 표현하다:Benson decided to ~ his mother in oil after determining that watercolor wasn't a substantial enough medium for the portrait of such a sourpuss. Benson's mother was not pleased with his rendering.
뤺 펄 티 3, 재치 있는 응답:"Toilethead" is four-year-old Max's preferred ~ to almost any question.
뤼 프뤠쓰 2, 억누르다:Stella could not ~ her feeling of horror at the sight of her neighbor's wallpaper.
뤠 프뤄 베잍 1, 타락한자:Everyone deplored the ~'s behavior while he was alive, but now that he's dead everyone wants to read his memoirs.
뤼 퍽 넌트 2, 불쾌한:Ashley's roommate, a classical music major, found Ashley's love of hip-hop totally ~.
뤼 스플렌 던트 2, 밝게빛나는:In the morning sunlight, every drop of dew was ~ with color; unfortunately, no one was awake to see it.
뤠 저 뤡 션 3, 부활:Polly's tablecloth has undergone quite a ~; the last time I saw it, she was using it as a dress.
뤼 털트 2, 쏘아붙이다:When Laurie accused Peggy of being drunk, Peggy ~ed "Whoeryooshayingsdrunk?" and fell over on the sidewalk.
뤼 뱀프 2, 쇄신하다:The struggling college's ~ed curriculum offers such easy electives as Shakespeare's Furniture and Spelling for Spokesmodels.
뤠 벌 1, ..를한껏즐기다:Ken is ~ing in luxury now that he has finally come into his patrimony(세습재산).n.revelry뤠 벌 리 1
뤼 바일 2, 욕하다:In Dicken's Oliver Twist, poor Oliver is ~ed for daring to ask for more gruel(오트밀죽).
뤼 벌 쥐언 2, 혐오감:"Please don't talk about dead lizards while I'm eating," said Sally with ~.
뤱 써 다이즈 to speak extremely enthusiastically:Danielle ~ed about the little dog, saying that she had never seen a more beautiful, friendly, fabulous little dog in her entire life.
륍 얼드 1, 상스러운:Most of the songs on that new album have ~ lyrics that will give heart attacks to mothers all over the nation.
롸잎 빈발하는:Fistfights were ~ in that part of town, largely because there was an all-night bar in nearly every storefront.:가득찬:Below decks, this ship is ~ with rats and other pests.
뤼 빝 1, On a construction site, a ~ is a metal pin that is used to fasten things together, and ~ing is the act of fastening things in this manner. Outside of a construction site, ~ means much the same thing, except figuratively.:After reading the first paragraph, I was ~ed to the murder mystery until I had finished the final one.:Dr.Larson ~ed the attention of his audience with a description of his method of turning straw into gold.
루 후회하다:I ~ the day I walked into this place; nothing even remotely good has happened to me since then.
쌜 리 1, 돌격:Our cat made a lightning-fast ~ into the TV room, then dashed out of the house with the parakeet squawking in his mouth.:excursion:Let's take a little ~ down Newbury Street; there are some very nice, expensive shops there I've been meaning to peek into.
쌜 류 테이 쉬언 3, 인사:"Hello, you stinking, stupid swine" is not the sort of warm, supportive ~ James had been expecting from his girlfriend.
써 반트 2, 석학:The abbot(대수도원장) of the monastery(마 너 스 테 뤼 1, 수도원) is a great ~ in the fields of church history and religious art.
스켄트 빈약한:Soap and water are in ~ supply around here. You will be able to take a shower only once a month.:..남짓한:Finding the recipe too bland, she added a ~ tablespoonful of lemon juice to the mixture.
씨 점 1, 분열:There's been a ~ in the ranks of the Flat Earth Society; one faction believes that the earth is flat because it was created that way, while the other faction believes that the earth used to be round but was rolled flat by beings from outer space.
씨임 러쓰 1, 이음매가 없는 without anything to indicate where two things were joined together:After lots of revision, Jennifer succeeded in reworking the two halves of her novel into a ~ whole.
씨 씨이드 2, 탈퇴하다:When the southern states ~ed from the Union, they probably never expected to create quite as much of a ruckus(뤜 커쓰 1, 소동) as they did.n.secession
씨 클루 줜 2, 격리(틀어박힘)aloness, withdrawl from other people.:Some people can study better with other people around, but I need total ~ and an endless supply of Milk Duds.:
쎅트 분파 a small religious subgroup or religion; any group with a uniting theme or purpose:After the schism of 1949, the religious denomination split up into about fifty different ~s, all of them with near identical beliefs and none of them speaking to the others.
쎅 태 뤼 언 2, pertaining to sect 분파의; to be single mindedly devoted to a sect:편협한:Milly has grown so ~ since becoming a Moonie that she can't really talk to you anymore without trying to convert you.
쎄 던 테 뤼 1, largely confined to sitting down; not physically active 앉아있는:When people get older, they tend to become more ~; my octogenarian[악 터 줘 네 뤼 언 4 80대의사람] aunt even uses her car to visit her next-door-neighbor.
셀프 메읻 2, 자수성가한:John is a ~ man; everything he's accomplished, he's accomplished without benefit of education or support from powerful friends. Like most ~ men, John can't stop talking about how much he's managed to accomplish despite his humble origins.
쎌프 이 스팀 3, the opinion one has of oneself:Patty's ~ is too low that she can't even bring herself to say hello to people in passing, because she can't imagine why they would want to talk to her.
쎌프 에 비 던트 2, 자명(自明)한:Most Americans believe that certain rights, such as the right to speak freely, are ~.
쎌프 퍼 제스트 3, 침착한:The only time Valerie's self-possession(쎌프 퍼 제 션 3)ever breaks down is when someone in the audience yawns.
쎌프 롸이 처쓰 2, 독선적인:"It's a good thing some of us have proper respect for others' possessions," said Tiffany ~ly after discovering that her roommate had wiped her nose with Kleenex that Tiffany had bought.
쎌프 쎄 티쓰 파이드 2, oversatisfied with oneself:My ~ sister announced to my mother that she had done a much better job of making her bed than I had.
쎌프 스탈 털 2, 솔선수범해서하는사람:Sandra is a great ~. The second the professor gives a paper assignment, she rushes out to the library and checks out all the books she will need. I am not a good ~ at all. I prefer to sit around watching TV until the day of the deadline, then ask the professor for an extension.
쎈 텐 셔스 2, 훈계조의 preachy; pompous; excessively moralizing; self-righteous:The new headmistress made a ~ speech in which she urged the student body to follow her illustrious example.
써 륀 2, 고요한:In the lake's ~ blue depths lie the keys my father hurled off the deck in a fit of temper a couple of days ago after learning that I had total(미속어 <차비행기 등을> 완전히 파괴하다, 분쇄하다 ((out)))ed his car.:n.serenity(써 뤠 너 티 2)
썰 펀 틴 1, (뱀같이)꾸불꾸불한:Dan despises interstate highways, preferring to travel on ~ state roads that wind through the hills and valleys.
쉐 컬 1, 족쇄:As soon as the bad guys left the room, the clever detective slipped out of his ~s by using his teeth to fashion a small key from a ballpoint pen.
쉬 벌 러뜨 1, 'sh'를 발음할 수 없었던 에브라임 사람(Ephraimites)을 길르앗 사람(Gileadites)과 구별하기 위해 시험으로 사용되었던 말:a distinctive word, pronunciation, or behavior that typifies a particular group; a slogan or catchword:That large governmenet programs are inherently bad is a ~ of the Republican party.진부한문구:The old housewife's ~ that being cold makes a person more like to catch a cold has been discredited by modern medical experts.
스컬 미쉬 1, 사소한충돌:Soldiers on both sides felt insulted when the CNN reporter referred to their recent battle as a "~".
스키 티쉬 1, 잘놀라는:"Why are you so ~ tonight?" the baby-sitter asked the young children. "Is it my pointed teeth, or is it the snake in my knapsack?"
슬레잌 (갈증을)풀어주다:Soda doesn't ~ your thirst as well as plain old water.
쌀 리쓰 1, 위로:The Red Sox just lost the pennant, and there is no ~ for baseball fans in the city of Boston tonight.
쌀 러 대 뤄 티 3, 연대의식:Solidarity was an appropriate name for the Polish labor union, since it represented a decision by workers to stand up together against their government.
싸 퍼 뭐 뤽 3, 유치한:The misbehaving tenth graders didn't mind being called ~; after all, they were sophomores.
썰 딛 1, <동기행위인물 등이> 더러운:For many years, it turned out, Mr.Rubble had been involved in a ~ affair with the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Flinstone.
싸브 뤈 1, 군주(君主)(monarch):Wouldn't the people in this country be surprised to learn that their ~ is not a human but a mynah bird?:adj.principal or foremost:Getting those kids to school safely should be the bus driver's ~ concern, but I'm afraid he's really more interested in finding a place to stop for a doughnut as soon as he has finished his route(루웉 롸웉).
스페잍 대량 a sudden outpouring:Julia has received a ~ of media coverage in the days since her new movie was released; last week, her picture was on the covers of both Time and Newsweek.
스피 셔쓰 1, something that seems correct or appropriate but that lacks real worth; deceptive; misleading; not genuine:That's very ~ reasoning, Olivia; the fact that both roses and blood are red does not mean that roses contain blood.:Medical doctors have long viewed chiropractic as a ~ discipline, but that attitude has changed somewhat in recent years as a number of careful studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of certain chiropractic techniques.
스펙 털 1, 망령:The ~ of old Miss Shaffer still haunts this house, making mysterious coughing noises and leaving tatter(갈가리찢다)ed issues of TV Guide in unexpected spot.

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