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usmle: micro II


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what organism is assoc w/ megalobastic anemia
diphyllobothrium latum
what is the most serious form of tinea capitis, which results in permanent hair loss and is higly contagious
tinea favosa
what are the first intermediate hosts for trematodes
what are the four capsular polysaccharides used in the neisseria meningitides vaccine
Y,W-125, C and A
what is the only encapsulated fungal pathogen
what type of spore is asexual and formed of hyphae
what is the only plasmodium that is quartan
plasmodium malaria
others are tertian
1. red pigmentation
2. black-gray pigmentation
3. pyocyanin (blue-green)
4. yellow pigmentation
1. serratia
2. corynebacterium diphtheria
3. pseudomonas
4. staph a
what capsular serotype is assoc w/ e.coli-induced meningitis
K1 capsule
what two Ags must be pos for a patient to have chronic active hepatitis
t or f
all strep are catalase neg
in what trimester is the fetus most vulnerable to congenital rubella syndrome
first trimester
what virus causes hoof and mouth disease
vesicular stomatitis virus
which gram neg diplococcus growns on chocolate agar? thayer martin medium?
meningococcus on chocolate
gonococcus on Thayer-Martin
which protozoal parasitic vaginal infection produces a pos whiff test with KOH staining?
trichomonas vaginalis
what fungus is urease pos
what bacterium has large boxcar shaped gram pos rods and is sporeforming, aerboic, and assoc with cutaneous inf and woolsorter's disease
bacillus anthracis
is the salk polio vaccine inactivated
t or f
all neg sense RNA viruses are enveloped
they all have helical nucleocapsids and virion-assoc polymerases
what urease-pos non-lactose fermenting gram neg rod with swarming type motility is assoc with staghorn renal calculi
with what two viruses are Reye's syndrome asssoc
which organism releases endotoxins prior to cell death
neisseria meningitidis
clue cells are assoc with which organism that causes vaginal discharge
gardnrella vaginalis
what is the name of the bullet-shaped virus
what fungus is characterized by india ink staining of the CSF that produces colorless cells with a halo on a black background
cryptococcus neoformans
what does hepatitis D virus need from hep B virus to be infective
HBsAG as its envelope
which type of hep is a calicivirus
what genus is kown as the smallest free living bacteria
what three organs can be affected by trypanosoma cruzi
heart esophagus colon
which serotypes of HPV are assoc with plantar warts
1 and 4
what facultative gram neg anaerobic rod is motile, fermetns lactose, and is the MCC of UTIs
e. coli
what is the only ds RNA virus
what are the four segmented RNA viruses
what type of plasmodium affects
1. only mature RBCs
2. ony reticulocytes
3. RBCs of all ages
1. plasmodium malaria
2. plasmodium vivax
3. plasmodium falciparum
what is the major cell membrane sterol found in fungi
what Ab is an indicaction for low transmissibility for hepatitis
what is the term for RNA dep DNA pol
reverse transcriptase
which gram pos bacteria infection of infancy is assoc w/ ingestion of honey
clostridium botulinum
which trematode is assoc with bladder carcinoma in Egypt and AFrica
schistosoma haematobium
which encapsulated fungus is found in soil enriched with pigeon droppings
cryptococcus neorformans
what virus lies dormant in the...
1. trigeminal ganglia
2. dorsal root ganglia
3. sensory ganglia of S2 and s3
1. herpes I
2. varicella
3. herpes II
what is the name of the exotoxin shigella dysenteriae produces, which interferes with the 60S ribosomal subunit and results in eukaryotic protein synthesis inhibition
shiga toxin
EHEC produces vero toxin
what protozoal parasite forms flasked-shaped lesions in the duodenum, is transmitted via fecal oral route, and is commonly seen in campers who drank stream water
giardia lamblia
tx metronidazole
what color do fungi stain w/ PAS?
silver stain?
hot pink w/ PAS and grey to back with silver stain
a tropical fish enthusiast has granulomatous lesions and cellulitis
mycobacterium marinum
which dimorphic fungus is found as arthroconidia in desert sand of the southwester US
(San Joaquin valley)
coccidioides inmitis
which mycoplasma spp is assoc w/ urethritis, prostatitis, and renal calculi
ureaplasma ureatlyticum
what tick is the vector for babesiosis
also for Lyme
what is the only DNA virus that does not replicate its DNA in the nucleus of the host cell
poxvirus replicates in the cytoplasm
what organism would you suspect in a patient with diarrhea after eating rice
bacillus cereus
what small gram neg facultative intracellular rod is transmitted to human host by dermacentor tick bite
francisella tularensis
t or f
cestodes have no GI tract
what neg sense RNA virus is assoc with parotitis, pancreatitis, and orchitis
what is the size of a pos PPD test for
1. IV drug user
2. patient with AIDS
3. recent immigrant
4. healthy suburban male without any medical illnesses
5. posttransplantation patient on immunosuppressive drugs
1. >10 mm
2. >5
3. >10
4. >15
5. >5
what are the only two picornavirus that do not lead to aseptic meningitis
rhinovirus and HAV
which cestode in raw or rare beef containing cysticerci results in intestinal tapeworms
taenia saginata
what DNA viral diseae is assoc w/ aplastic crisis in patients with sickle cell anemia
parvovirus B19
what glycoprotein in the HIV virus attaches to CD4
what enterobacteriaceae are prone to produce osteomyelitis in sickle cell patients
what organism is commonly assoc w/ a cellulitis from an animal bite
pasteurella mutocida
what fungus is seen as colored cauliflower lesions
what is the reservoir for the togavirus
what are the two exceptions to the rule "all cocci are gram pos"
both neisseria and moraxella are gram neg
what nematode isknown as hookworms? what is the tx?
necator americanus is tx with mebendazole and iron therapy
what HIV structural gene produces GP120 and GP41
env structural protein
which hemoflagellate spp causes kala azar
leishmania donovani
what dna virus is assoc w/ heterophile neg mononucleosis
what neg sense RNA virus is assoc with intracytoplasmic inclusion Negri bodies
what large, spore forming gram pos anaerobic rod is assoc with infections due to puncture wounds and trauma
clostridium tetani
what is the vector for chagas
reduviid bug
what is the polariity of a pos sense RNA
5'-3' (it can serve as mRNA)
what viral infection is associated with black vomit
yellow fever (flavivirus)
what encapsulated gramneg lactose fermenting rod is assoc with pneumonia in patients with alcoholism , diabetes, and chronic lung diseaes
what is the essntial reservoir host for toxoplasma gondi
what gram pos anaerobic rod with branching filaments is a component of the nl flora of the mouth and female gentital tract and is responsible for draining abscesses with sulfur granules in the exudates
actinomyces israelii
what is the term for candida infection of the oral mucosa
what is the term for fungi that an convert from hyphal to yeast forms
to what viral family does the polio virus belong
name at least three bacteria that use capsules to prevent immediate destruction from the host's defense mechanism
streptococcus pneumonia
klebsiella pneumonia
h. influenza
pseudomonas aeruginosa
neisseria meningitidis
cryptococcus neoformans
t or f
there are no persistent infections with naked virus
they lyse the host cell
what virus is assoc w/ progressive multifocal leukoencephalophaty
JC virus
what bacterium is a gram neg oxidase pos aerobic rod that produces a grapelike odoer and pyocyanin pigmentation
pseudomonas aeruginosa
which three organisms cause heterophilic negative mono
toxoplasma gondii
what bacterium found in poorly preserved canned food causes flaccid paralysis
c. botulinum
which two neg sense RNA viruses ahve neuraminidase enzymes
mumps and influenza
what staph a. protein inhibits phagocytosis
protein A
which four bacteria require cysteine for growth
what fungus causes endocardidtis in IV drug users
candida albicans
what virus are assoc with Cowdry type A intranuclear includsion
Herpes I and II
which streptococcal spp is assoc w/ dental caries and infective endocarditis
strep viridans
what is the term for cestode-encysted larvae found in intermediate hosts
what fungus is characterized by hypopigmented spots on the thorax, spaghetti and meatball KOH staining, and pityriasis or tinea versicolor
malassezia furufur
tx w/ selenium sulfide
what nematode is known as threadworms?
what is the tx?
strongyloids stercoralis
what are kown as jumping genes
which dimorphic fungus is endemic in ohio, mississippi, missouri, and easter great lakes, is found in soil with bird and bat feces, and is assoc w/ infections in spelungers and chicken coop cleanerrs
histoplasma capsulatum
which of the following enterobacteriaceae family members- yersina, klebsiella, enterobacter, escherichia, proteus, and citrobacter, do not ferment lactose?
all do except yersinia and proteus
what two HIV regulatory genes down-regulate MHC class I exprssion
nef and tat
what size ribosomes do fungi have
80S (eukaryotes)

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