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World History Chapter 26


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Vietnam; Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
Which Southeast Asian country underestimated the power of France, who seized a chunk of it; Over the next decade, what 3 countries did French take control of?
Southeast Asia
Many Chinese migrated to what area to escape hardship and benefit from growing economic opportunities?
Japan, Meiji Restoration
"A rich country, a strong military." - what country, who said it?
Descendants from seafaring people who reached there from Polynesia in 1200s; they were settled farmers who were determined to defend their land;
New Zealand
What is the country far to the southeast of Australia, claimed in 1769 by James Cook?
Spanish American War
US accidentally got involved; in 1898, when war broke out, American battleships destroyed the Spanish fleet, stationed near the Philippines; the Filipinos seized the moment and declared independence; what was this war called?
Who suffered financial hardships? Money was needed in commercial economy, but their wealth was in the land; also had heavy expense of maintaining households in Edo and own domains;
What did the Tokugawa shoguns reimpose when they gained power in 1600? They also shut off Japan to foreigners, forbid Japanese people to travel,
Annexed outright
In 1910, what did Japan do to Korea that adds it to the Japanese empire for 35 years?
Who mainly built schools and hospitals, and taught children basic literacy, introduced medical breakthroughs like vaccines and hygiene methods?
Nagasaki, Dutch
During the Tokugawa shoguns, what was the only port that was open, and who was allowed to trade there?
Canada Act in 1791
To ease ethnic tensions, Britain passed an act to separate the ethnic groups. What was the act called?
US Naval Bases in Cuba and right to interfere in Cuban affairs
What did the Platt Amendment do for the US?
Age of Imperialism
What age did a truly global economy emerge? It was dominated by nations of the west; From these nations, machine-made goods, investment capital, and technology flowed to rest of the world;
Colonial rule
What were most of the problems in Latin America's origin?
What weakened new nations in Latin America, in addition to few roads and no tradition of unity?
American planters, US
Who overthrew Queen Liliuokalani in Hawaii, who tried to reduce foreign influence? What country did they ask to annex Hawaii?
Dutch East India Company, Moluccas
During the 1600s, what company gained control of the Spice Islands? What are the Spice Islands also known as? They reached out and dominated rest of Indonesia;
The Canadian Pacific Railway
John Macdonald, Canada's first prime minister encouraged expansion across the continent, so what opened under his rule in 1885 that linked eastern and western Canada?
Who in Asia, was the "Hermit Kingdom"?
Money economy
In southern and eastern Africa, many men became migrant workers, leaving women alone to support children and grow food; in some parts like Japan and Latin America, the daughters were sent to find textile work: what was this a result of introducing?
Sugar growers pressed for power in what modern-day state?
US, British, US, Britain
The Australian constitution was based off of both _ model and _ models; Like the _ it has the federal government; in __ it has a prime minister chosen by ParliamentThe Australian constitution was based off of both _ model and _ models; Like the _ it has the federal government; in __ it has a prime minister chosen by Parliament
Cuba, Platt Amendment
During the Spanish-American War, Spain lost; in the peace treaty who got to remain independent? What did the US force them to add in 1901?
Homogeneous society
During the Meiji Restoration, what was a major factor in society that really helped the idea of unification?
What was the priority in the restoration of Japan?
Power, wealth
In the 1500s, Spain had seized the Philippines; Catholic missionaries spread it across the Filipinos, which gained it enormous __ and __
Canadians Cartier and MacDonald urged unification, and feared what country would attempt a takeover of Canada?
What religion did missionaries spread across the globe?
Old social order, press censorship, Catholic Church
The ruling elite in Latin America were divided between conservatives and liberals; who did the conservatives defend? (3)
Yes, women suffrage
In 1907, New Zealand won independence with their own parliament, prime minister, and elected legislature; are they close with the British empire? What did New Zealand do before any other country?
Small British Elite, ignoring needs
In the early 1800s, unrest grew in the colonies, because the people of upper Canada resented who held their power. Who held it? Unrest grew in Lower Canada as well. What did they feel the British were doing to them?
Everyone, US, Britain
After independence, the new republics that did adopt free trade welcomed __ in Latin America; Which 2 countries replaced Spain and Portugal as trading partners, but the entire concept remained the same in Latin America
Benefit of colonialism, Capitalists
Groundwork for modern banking systems, new technology, modern communication and transportation networks; What are all of these an example of? who invested in railroad building to boost export?
Mestizos, Mexico, Church and state
In 1867, Juarez returned to power and tried to do more reforms; who did he help bring into political life? What did he help unify? What did he help separate?
unequal, modernization
King Mongkut knew what strength the west had; Had to accept some __ treaties; he and his son set Siam on the road to _ and reformed a government, modernized army, abolished slavery, and women got choice in marriage;
Britain, east
In early 1800s, rulers of Burma (Myanmar) clashed with what country, who were expanding ____ward from India? Led to the annex of Burma in 1886
Siam, now Thailand
What country was right in between British-Burma and French-Indochina?
British, Dutch, French
In the 1800s, which countries played off local rivalries and used modern armies and technology to colonize much of Southeast Asia? (alpha)
How many separate nations were formed by feuds among leaders, geographic barriers, and local nationalism?
French-Speaking Lower Canada, Quebec, Catholic and English-Speaking Upper Canada, Ontario, English traditions
In the Canada Act in 1791, there were 2 regions made; what were their names, what language did they speak, and what was the religion? (F, B)
La Reforma
1855, Benito Juarez and other liberals open an era; offered hope to oppressed people of Mexico, revised the Mexican constitution to strip military power and end Church privileges; unleashed a civil war, but was still elected president in 1861; What was the era he began called?
Native Americans
Who was the third form of Canadian heritage?
Modernization and Westernization
What 2 things were all the same to westerners imposing it on colonies?
Enlightened supporters of progress
The ruling elite in Latin America were divided between conservatives and liberals; what did liberals think of themselves as? Often showed little concern for needs of majority though;
Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam
During the Spanish-American War, Spain lost; in the peace treaty, where did the US acquire?
Why were imperialists putting the spotlight on Korea?
Built the Panama Canal, 1914
In 1903, the US supported a revolt by Panamanians; they quickly won and what did the US do? What year was it finished?
Latin America similarities
Common language, religion, and cultural heritage;
Archduke Maximillian
Who did Napoleon III set up as emperor of Mexico, from Austria?
Local Labor
Western capitalists developed plantations and mines, but what did they depend on to keep a steady supply going?
Treaty of Kanagawa
A fleet of ships from the US commanded by Matthew Perry in 1853 pull into Tokyo Bay and the letter demands Japan open its ports to diplomatic and commercial exchange; The note lead to what treaty in 1854? Said the US could have 2 ports, not for trade; eventually lead to it though;
Russo-Japanese War
In 1904, war between Russia and Japan; Japan won in Manchuria; What was this war called?
Africa, Asia, and Latin America
Provided agricultural goods, natural resources, cheap labor - who provided this in return of the Age of Imperialism? (3)
Who was the "Colossus of the North" to Mexico?
India and China
Southeast Asia commanded the sea lanes between 2 major countries, and had been influenced by both; what are they?
Voting, Racial, Land
_ rights were limited and _ prejudice was widespread; _ remained to only a view, like owners of haciendas in Latin America;
Capital, transportation, middle
After 1850, Latin American economy grew; with foreign __ they could develop mining and agriculture; throughout the region, foreigners invested in modern ___ to carry goods from interior areas to coastline; Newcomers helped promote economic growth and a ___ class emerged;
Who looted treasuries, assembled private armies to resist central power, gained national power, ignored the constitution, and ruled as dictators; constant power struggles lead to revolts that changed little?
Mative Americans, metis
Expansion destroyed whose life in Canada? Most were forced to sign treaties, giving up their land; some resisted like Louis Riel. Who did he lead a revolt for?
Portugal, Spain
Under colonial rule, what type of mercantilist policies made Latin America dependent on what two countries in Europe?
The Meiji reformers had to replace a _ order with a new political and social system; Change didn't come easily;
They encouraged which class to adopt western methods? Set up banking, railroads, ports, telegraph and postal system;
Who replaced peninsulares as the ruling class in Latin America?
Who believed that it was their mission to "civilize" the world during the age of Imperialism?
Britain, France, Germany, US
Who were the industrialized nations of the west during the Age of Imperialism? (Alpha 4)
Army leaders, Catholic Church, Large Landowners
Who dominated Mexican politics in the 1800s? (3 alpha)
catholic Church
What religion kept the privileged position and still controlled a lot of land in Latin America?
Treaty of Portsmouth
After the Russo-Japanese War, a contract was written that gave Japan control of Korea and parts in Manchuria in 1905; what's the name of it?
Commonwealth of Australia, monarchy
In 1901, Britain helped colonies unite into the independent state of what? They recognized who as their head of state to keep its ties with Britain?
French-speaking Catholics and English-speaking Protestants
After the American Revolution, what two groups are occupying, and what religion are they? (F, B)
We could learn a lot from them
Archaeologists slowly unearthed evidence about ancient civilizations and realized what from the ancient civilizations?
American Revolution
After what war, an estimated 30,000 or more colonists who remained loyal to Britain fled to Canada?
Dutch, British,
Who were technically the first people to reach Australia in the 1600s? Who was it claimed for properly in 1770 by James Cook?
Resented west; abandoning traditions was bad
Some westerners reacted well, and came to believe that western powers were superior; what did the others things?
annexed Texas
Settlers from the US and other countries began an independence movement, and in 1835 American settlers and Mexicans in Texas revolted; the next year, they set up an independent state; then in 1845, what does the US do to Texas? Mexico saw this as an act of war;
Durham Report
The British sent a politician, Lord Durham, to study causes of unrest; in 1839, a report called for the two Canada's to be reunited and given control of their own affairs. What was the report's name?
The Diverse culture
Late 1800s and early 1900s people from Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, China, and Japan came - what do all these represent in Canada?
The nations of Latin America
Who did Simon Bolivar hope to create strong ties among?
Australia Canada, New Zealand
What imperialized areas were different compared to the Middle East or Asia?
Heavy taxes
To cover expenses of governing their colonies, the authorities had to place what on their subjects?
Blacks, Indians, Mestizos, Mulattos
Whose lives didn't improve much after independence? (alpha.)
Foreign, foreign, Indian
Diaz - a harsh ruler for 35 years; impressive economic advances, built railroads, increased, __ trade, developed some industry, and expanded mining; He granted special rights for __ investors; also let landowners buy ___ lands;
1/2 of Mexican territory, creoles
US and Mexico fought for the territory in Texas, and in the final treaty ending the war, how much territory did Mexico end up losing? Who did the defeat really shake up?
Who was the first country to rule Canada?
Britain, Germany, US
Who was the triple protectorate over Samoa?
Killed, thrust aside
In 1800s, Britain encouraged citizens to emigrate to Australia; what did they do to the Aborigines in return?
Sheepherding, wool
What did settlers find was suited for the land and climate? What industry grew out of this?
Who did Panama belong to? Wouldn't give to US to make a canal;
Herbal remedies, medicinal value of plants
What did the new medical breakthrough undermine in traditional colonies?
Roosevelt Corollary
What was added to the Monroe Doctrine in 1904, that stated the US claims "international police power" in the Western Hemisphere?
Act of Union
In 1840, Parliament passes an act that gave Canada an elected legislature to determine domestic policies, but Britain kept control of foreign policy and trade; what was the act?
Smaller land
The difference between Aborigines and Maoris is that the Maoris had a much __ __.
Meiji Constitution
Reformers wanted a _ government, equal to those of the west; They chose to adapt upon the _ model, so in 1889, the emperor issued a document. What was it called?
Porfirio Diaz, Mexico
"Order and Progress" Who says and what country?
Penal colony, Botany Bay
What did Britain make Australia into? Where did the ships arrive?
In 1867, daimyo and samurai led a revolt that "restored" the 15 to the thrown; the capital in Kyoto became Edo for the shogun, and it was renamed what, meaning "eastern capital"?
Meiji Constitution
Set forth the principle all citizens were equal, the emperor had autocratic power, but still a diet or one elected house and one house appointed by the emperor; voting rights were limited; ended distinction between classes, set up schools, literacy increased, womens position went up; what were all these a part of in Japan?
East Asia
Where is Korea located at the crossroads of?
The United States sent a naval force to make which country open its ports to trade?
Building projects, Mines, plantations,
For people to make money in colonies to pay the heavy taxes, they had to work on what? (3 alpha)
To get industries started, the government would build them and sell them to whom?
France lost Canada to whom in 1763?
The Filipino rebels expected the __ to recognize their independence, but the peace settlement between Spain and __ placed the Philippines under their control;
Sino-Japanese War
In 1894 war between Japan and China; Japan won and gained treaty ports in China and controlled Taiwan; What was this war called?
Napoleon III
Who was sent to Mexico in 1863?
Aborigines, Kooris
A word used by Europeans to denote the earliest people to live in a place; specifically in Australia, they are called what?
In 1878 the US secured an unequal treaty with __, gaining rights like extraterritoriality and naval station; other nations got similar agreements;
Columbian Exchange
What began in 1492 that picked up a lot of speed in the 1800s by bringing coffee, bananas, tea, and rubber from colonies?
Meiji Restoration
What is the name of the period that lasted from 1868-1912, and a major turning point in Japanese history? it means "enlightened rule"; the reformers were determined to strengthen Japan; they studied western ways, and sent others abroad;
Monroe Doctrine, Military strength, Britain
In the 1820s, Spain wanted to recover the colonies, and Britain opposed moves that would close the door to trading with South America; President Monroe wanted to avoid "entangling alliances" and so he issued a doctrine; Said that the American Continents were not to be considered as subjects for future colonization; What is the Doctrine called? What did the US lack to enforce this rule, in reality? Who would lend theirs to the United States?
A Gold Ranch, outback
In 1851 what in eastern Australia brought a population boom? What is the rugged interior of Australia known as?
The British North America Act of 1867
Due to fears of being overrun by the US, Britain passed an act that created the Dominion of Canada. What was the Act called?; it created 4 provinces into a dominion, and 6 were added later;
Money Economy
What did colonial rulers introduce that replaced the barter system?
Southeast Asian mainland
The French were building their empire where?; missionaries winning converts in (now, Vietnam); priests killed - Confucius area for a long time
In 1840, Britain did what to New Zealand?
The shogun faced troubles at home and was shocked that who won the Opium War? And he found it worse how imperialists forced China to sign unequal treaties;

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