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NATO 1949
US and western european countries afraid of USSR attack, so they make an alliance NATO, largely to keep USSR out of west hemisphere.
Suez Crisis 1956
Egypt invades Suez Canal, owned by British. Britain and France land troops in canal zone. Lester Pearson propose that UN emergency force be sent to Canada.
Louis St. Laurent
Refused to outlaw communism and told people that outlawing communism was dictatorship and not a democracy. He denounced the British and French intervention and refused to support them.
John Diefenbaker
Wanted a fact-finding mission done to Cuba to see if the USSR really was planting nuclear missiles there. Didn't want Canada in major conflict. Made Canadian Bill of Rights.
In 1945, the allied leaders met at ____ and Potsdam to redraw the map of Europe.
Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Removed tariffs on goods crossing US and Canadian border
Free trade with Mexico
vast network of business, communications, and cultural links among countries
international monetary fund
to stabilize world economy by helping countries that face great debt
Igor Gouzenko
Russian clerk at the Soviet Embassy in Ottowa who tried to convince the newspaper of the existence of Soviet spies.
NORAD (North American Defense Agreement)
Alliance between US and Canada that provides air defense forces of North America.
Joseph McCarthy
Terrified the nation with secret lists of supposed communists in government
collective security
The military support and cooperation provided by member states within an interntaional organization to ensure that each will help the others in the event of aggression
Padlock Law
To shut down suspected organizations and newspapers
Big Five
US, Britain, France, China, Russia
Dew Line (Distant Early Warning)
Air lines across north america designed to detect a surprise soviet attack
Maurice Duplessis
Controlled Quebec, wanted it to be a distinct nation. Made new flag for it bearing the French symbol. saw Roman Catholic Church as the main defender of Quebec culture. Wanted old traditions. Encouraged foreign invvestment.
Lesage 1960-1964
Controlled Quebec after Duplessis. Nationalism. No corruption! Wages and pensions raised, influence of church declines, students need to take more science and tech. classes, "maitres chex nous"=master in our own house
Union Nationale Party
Controlled Quebec during Duplessis's time. Corrupt government. Benefited from foreign investment bc companies were expected to contribute generously to them.
Queit Revolution
When Lesage came in power after D. Erosion of power of church, social change, take over privately owned companies and turn them into crown corporations, and "Maitres chez nous"
Front de liberation du Quebec (FLQ)
A group of terrorists woh pushed for a free Quebec. Very violent - firebombs and explosives.
What controversy faced PM Lester Pearson with his introduction of a new Canadian flag?
many canadians felt as if Pearson was pandering to Quebec.
What controversy faced PM Pierre Trudeau over the Official Languages Act?
some (mostly western) felt that the govt was forcing french on them. Some also believed Ottowa was focusing all its attention on Quebec and that Trudeau wasn't doing enough.
Official Languages Act
Made Canada bilingual
Why did the FLQ kidnap James Cross and Pierre Laporte?
FLQ demanded the release of FLQ members in prison. (Laporte dies!)
Why did Trudeau impost the War Measures Act (give govt extreme power) on Canada?
[Civil rights are suspended]. Trudeau wanted to get rid of the FLQ and prevent Quebec from going into a violent revolution.
Why was the election of the Parti Quebecois under Rene Levesque shocking?
In 1970 election, PW had only won 7 of 110 seats in provincial legislature.
What was the outcome of the 1980 referendum?
40% of Quebeckers voted yes, 60% voted no
Bill 101
Allow only French to be spoken in Quebec
Meech Lake Accord 1987
PM Mulroney resolved to adjust the constitution to include all provinces and Quebec agreed at conference. But some provinces didn't like it so it failed; great setback for Mulroney.
Charlottetown Accord 1992
Another attempt after the Meech Lake Accord. To get Quebec to agree on a new constitution. Radical changes proposed: senate reform, aboriginal self govt, distinct society status for Quebec. failed again.
What is one of the reasons why the Meech Lake Accord failed?
Smaller groups such as aboriginals and French canadians felt left out
The process of referring a political question to the people for a direct vote
Medical Care Act
Federal and provincial government would now share the cost of medical care by doctors and hospitals for all canadians.
"Just society"
Trudeau used this expression to describe the kind of country he wanted to build.
amending formula
the process by which changes can be legally made to teh Canadian Constitution. Trudeau used it as a first step to make a charter of rights and freedoms for CAN
when the constitution was brought home to Canada
What was the last step for Canada's complete independence?
Constitution ACt of 1982
PM Mackenzie King
Liberal. For 21 years (longest). In charge of jap internment. Appointed 1st woman to the Senate. PM during WWII
St. Laurent (all)
after Bennett and King. Liberal. created projects like the Trans-Canada highway, St. Lawrence seaway, and the Canada Highway, etc. Continued a firm middle power role in the world
Lester Pearson
After Diefenbaker. Awarded the Noble Peace Prize for defusing the Suez Crisis. Father of Canadian peace keeping, made the canadian flag. Introduced universal health care, etc.
after Pearson. Against Quebec separating. Liberal. Established Charter of Rights and Freedoms. PM during October Crisis. Invoke the War Measures Act.
negotiated the Meech Lake Accord, close relationship with Reagan,
Defeated Trudeau and ended a 16 continuous years liberal rule
First and only woman to become PM
Introduce the Clarity Act, focused on preventing Quebec from separating, introduced Youth Criminal Justice Act

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