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chemistry 5


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quantum number
a number describing a property of an electron in an atom
energy subdivision of an energy level
the space that can be occupied by 0, 1, or 2 electrons with the same energy level, energy sublevel, and spacial orientation
principle quantum number
the quantum number designating energy level and electron cloud size
newtonian mechanics
the laws of mechanics applicable in the microscopic world
mathmatical expression of "chance" or "odds"
having the same energy
electron cloud
the space effectively occupied by an electron in an atom
heisenburg uncertainty principle
it is impossible to know exactly both the position and momentum of an electron at the same instant
pauli exclusion principle
no two electrons can have the same set of quantum numbers
the product of mass and velocity
lewis electron dot diagram
the representation of an atom, ion or molecule, in which the element symbols stand for the nucleus and all inner level electrons while dots stand for outer level electrons
wave-particle duality of nature
alll particles have wave properties and all waves have particle properties
quantum mechanics
the laws of mechanics concerning the interaction of matter and radiation at the atomic and subatomic level

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