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Real Estate 2100


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copy deck
holigraphic will
a handwritten will signed by a person but not witnessed
Rectangular system survey
govt. system for surveying land that uses latitude and longitude lines as references
Quitclaim deed
a legal instrument used to convey whatever title the grantor has, it contains no convenants warranties or implication of the grantors ownership
Personal Poperty
right or interest in things of a temporary or movable nature; anything not classed as real property
The actual act of transferring ownership of land by will
under texas laws of intestate succession, property is distributed by
land lord
Police power
right of govt. to enact laws and enforce them for the order, safety, health, morals, and general welfare of the public
an objected that has been attached to land so as to become real estate
An easement acquired by constant use is called easement by
an iron pipe, stone, tree, or other fixed part used in making a survey
written legal document by which ownership of real property is transferred from one party to another
an assurance or guarantee that something is true as stated
anything of value given to induce another to enter into a contract
the unauthorized intrusion of a building or other improvement onto another persons land
Eminent domain
right of govt. to take privately held land for public use provided fair compensation is paid
Trade Fixture
a business or trade related article attached to a rental building by business tenant
In determining whether an article of residentially used "personal" property has become a part of the real estate, which of the following test would not be applied?
The cost of the article
the legal action of eminent domain
In the U.S. public land survey system, each 640 arce sq mile area
Real estate
land and improvements in a physical sense as well as the rights to own or we them
How many square feet are there in an acre?
about the same number of sq. feet in a football field, 43,560
Property which is not considered to be real estate is
personal property, trade fixtures
a written agreement or promise
littoral rights
lawful claims of a landowner to use and enjoy the water of a lake or sea bordering his hand
Meters and Bounds
a detailed methods of land description that identifies a parcel by specifying its shape and boundaries
Property tax lien
results from the right govt. to collect taxes from property owners
the person named in a deed who acquires ownership
Color of title
some plausible, but not completey clear-cut, indication of ownership rights
any impediment to a clear title such as a lien, lease, or easement
rights that pass with conveyance
township is
36 sq miles
an article of personal property
Riparian Right
right of a landowner whose land borders a river or stream to use and enjoy that water
cloud on the title
An impediment or exception to title to real property
any form of land development, such as building, roads, fences, piplines, etc
Homestead protection
state law that protect agains and the forced sale of a persons homes
the right to or ownership of something; also the evidence of ownership, such as a deed or bill of sale
Mechanics Lien
laws give anyone who has furnished labor or materials for the demolition or improvement of land the right to place a lien against that land if payment has not been received
Judgment Lien
arise from lawsuits for which money damages are awarded
An addition or change of a will
Adverse possession
acquistion of land through prolonged and unauthorized occupation
Bargin and sale deed
contains no covenants, but does imply that the grantor owns the property being conveyed
Recorded plat
subdivision map filed in the country recorders office that shows the location and boundaries of individual parcles of land.
a hold or claim tht one person has on the property of another to secure payment of a debt or other obligation
right or privilege one party has to use land belonging to another for a special purpose not inconsistent with the owners use of land
a unit of land measurement
escheat refers to
title reverting to the state, with no known heirs
imaginary lines running north and south used as reference in mapping land
Statue of freud
The law which requires transfers of real property ownership be in writing
A government may exercise its police power to "take" private land for public use, through the process of
condemnation, and eminant domain
Base line
an east west or geographers line selected as a basic reference in the rectangular survey system
the right of an owner to use water from a stream for his own use
In a community property state such as Texas, the husband and wife
may leave their 1/2 ownership to anyone by a will
fee simple
the largest, most complete bundle of rights one can hold in land, land ownership

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