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Famous Scientists for Physics Final


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believed that the natural state of objects was to be at rest
the first to do experimental studies of the laws of motion and was Imprisoned by Pope Urban VIII in 1633 for advocating the Copernican theory, also know as the heliocentric theory, that the earth was a planet revolving around the sun.
Compiled the first detailed observational data on planetary motion (mars), without a telescope.
analized brahe's data and verified the heliocentric theory. These regularities are known as Kelpers Laws of Planetary motion.
wrote Principia in 1687. Made the 3 laws of mechanics and law of gravity. He also invented calculus.
shows in 1905 that newtons laws were not valid for objects moving with speeds near the speed of light.
Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner
discovered Fission
Enrico Fermi
father of the atomic bomb
Edward Teller
father of the hydrogen bomb
Luigi Galvani
a professor of anatomy at the Univerrsity of Bologna found that a freshly dissected frog leg hung on a copper hook twitched when touched by an aron scalpel
Allesandro Volta
discovered the first battery
Nikoli Tesla
supported the use of AC power
Thomas Edison
supported the use of DC power
Michael Faraday
discovered electromagnetic induction, which led to the discovery of the generation of electricity. He was the son of a blacksmith and had very little formal education. He was trained to be a bookbinder. He was one of the greatest scientists of all time. He declined to accept knighthood. He gave Christmas lectures to kids
James Clark Maxwell
argued that a changing electric field should create a magnetic field.
sat on a mountain top with a flashlight
Niels Bohr
a Danish physicist who used the quantum concept to explain the nature of the atom.
Alexander Litvenko
got killed by Polomium 210

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