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downsizing efforts reduce the firm's overall competitiveness.
Reasons for the failure of most downsizing efforts to live up to expectations include all of the following except:
greater utility
when the economic consequences to an organization of failure versus success on the job are great, testing has
Objectives help HR professionals identify the situational constraints within the work environment
Benefits of establishing objectives for a training program include all but one of the following. Name the exception
The acute shortage of qualified younger workers has resulted in employers offering increased incentives to older workers to remain on the job.
Several forces are drawing out older workers' careers. Which is not one of them?
Having the right product mix at the right time
Which one of the following is most likely to represent a core competency for a retail store?
forecasting labor demand and supply
the first step in the human resource planning process is
a construction firm is in need of a construction superintendent, whose primary responsibilities involve organizing, supervising, and inspecting the work of several subcontractors. it administers a construction-error recognition test, where an applicant enters into a shed that has been specially constructed to have 25 common and expensive errors and where he or she is asked to record as many of these problems as can be detected. what type of validation is being used
People tend to benefit most from long practice sessions, rather than from ongoing shorter sessions.
Which one of the following statements about training and learning is not true?
lack of active participation
One of the disadvantages of classroom instruction as a training method is its
An organization's planned effort to help employees learn job-related knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors is known as
transfers and work sharing.
Your company's primary concern is to reduce an expected labor surplus fast; its secondary concern is to minimize human suffering. The options that would best address the company's concerns (in the priority indicated) are
all of the above
predictive validation is better than concurrent validation because
under the immigration reform and control act of 1986, employers may no longer hold u.s citizenship
which of the following statements is false
The job vacancy characteristics
Which of the following tends to have the most positive influence on job choice decisions?
the analysis of the labor supply and demand
the goals that are set in the human resource planning process should come directly from
administering commercially available personality tests generally violate equal opportunity employment requirements
which one of the following statements about personality traits and related test is false
be routinely administered to all clerical and managerial employees
employers should ensure that their drug testing programs conform to all but one of the following guidelines
action learning.
Giving teams or work groups an actual problem, having them work on solving it and commit to an action plan, and holding them accountable for carrying out the plan describes
Which of the following options for reducing an expected labor surplus has the benefit of being a relatively fast solution, but the disadvantage of being high in human suffering?
Request for proposal
When seeking an outside vendor for a training program, this document outlines the type of service needed, the number of employees to be trained, the date by which the training is to be completed, the source of funding, and the methods of evaluation.
In human resource management, any practice or activity carried out by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees is known as
during an interview for a sales position, you are asked the following question " suppose one of your clients refuses to speak to you after yu lost one of his orders; what whould you do to regain his business?" what type of interview format is being used?
A small company that manufactures special-order wood furniture has kept its employees busy on a 40-hour-a-week schedule for the past two years. The company just received the largest contract in its history from a Saudi company opening offices in the area. There is no expectation of repeat business from the Saudi company. In order to complete the contract in the required six months, additional skilled woodworking peoplepower is needed. Under these circumstances, to avoid an expected labor shortage, the best option would be
they are not subject to validation requirements
employers use application blanks for all but one of the following reasons
how many days of work did you miss in your last job because you were sick
which one of the following interview questions is not permitted under the Americans with disabilities act
conducting a needs assessment.
The first step in the instructional design process is
an electronic performance support system.
You manage a car dealership affiliated with one of the Big Three U.S. automakers. Given the increasing complexity and variety of today's automobiles, it is impossible to train your mechanics on the details of every potential repair problem. Thus, in cooperation with corporate headquarters, you have a training program whereby mechanics learn the basis of engine, emission, and other types of repair, but in the case of a particular problem, seek expert advice or additional information through an on-line computer application program. This approach is known as
It is not necessary if the organization sends employees to outside training programs.
Which one of the following statements is not true of training administration?
This type of on-the-job training program is generally sponsored by an educational institution as a component of its academic program and generally prepares students for professional careers.
people applying for computer technician jobs in your company
you want to establish the validity of test designed for computer technicians using predictive criterion-related validation strategy. to do so, you must administer the test to

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