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Health Fitness


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are organic substances required for optimal health
the human body is made up of 50 to70% water making it extremely important to consume enough fluids daily.
specific exercises for preventing back problems
1) curl-up, 2) pelvic raises, 3) side leg raises, 4) knees to chest or low-back stretch, 5) hamdriceps stretch, 6)quandripeds stretch 7) Back extensions, 8) hanging
Four classifications of tressors
1) social stressor 2)environmental stressors 3) physical stressors 4) psychological stressors
general guideline of reducing stress
1) Plan ahead 2) Replace with positive thinking 3) Relaxion 4) avoid caffeine and nicotine 5) Be a part of a supportive social group
long term benefits of physic activities
1) Improves the health and fitness of the body 2) A positive self-concept
muscular strength
ability of skeleton muscles to exert maximal amount of force
function of insulin on pancreas
is to transport glucose out of the blood and into the cells
three types of muscle contraction
Isometric, concentric, eccentric
psychological stressors
fear of losing one's job, worry over grades in school, loneliness, anger, guilt, lack of self-esteem, frustration
physical stressors
illnesses, injuries, lack of sleep, caffeine or nicotine
Recommended Daily Allowances
unsaturated fats
which are polyunsaturated and monounsatured, do not appear to cause health problems to the same degree as saturated fats. they are found in primarily in vegetables but also are in oils(safflower, canola, corn, peanut, olive, soybean, and cottonseed) and margarine used in baking and cooking
two plant that contain high saturated
are coconut and palm oil
two overall functions of nutrients
1) to provide essential elements the body needs to sustain life. 2) to provide energy for the body
common reason of back pain
1) weak abdominals and spinal muscle with poor hip, spine, and leg flexibility 2) poor postural habits and body mechanics 3)overfatness
benefit of physical activities
1) takes the mind off the problem 2)A relaxed feeling when it is over 3) Breakdown of the chemicals released during the stress response 4) Release endorphins
function of fiber in the body
fiber promotes regular bowel movements by absorbing water in the large intestine making the tools soft and large
is the response of the body to nay demand made upon it. stress is the body's response to counteract any stressor
three methods of strength training
acute, delay, acute muscle
function of fat in the body
is to provide most cells of the body with energy
is a type of complex carbohydrate
is the ranking of carbohydrate based on their immediate effect on blood glucose level
water- solube
are vitamins readily absorbed into the body but are just as readily passed out of the body in urine and perspiration
primary function of carbohydrates
is to provide all cells of the body with energy
saturated fat
is triglycerides are found primarily in animal products such as beef, pork, lamb, lobster,shrimp, milk, cheese, butter, cream,and eggs.
delayed onset of muscle soreness
it is the body's way to maintain homeostasis, or internal environment
function protein in the body
are to build, repair , and maintain cells. they form the major part of muscle tissue and are essential for muscle contraction.
factor of preventing future back problems
1) Back Muscles 2) Abdominal muscles 3) Gluteal Muscles 4) Iliopsoas muscle
muscular endurance
ability of skeleton muscle to perform repetitive contractions and maintain a contraction for on exetend period of time
amount fiber each day
one gram per calories (20-35)
are vitamins A,D,E and K and must be ingested with fat
social stressors
relaationships with family, friends and co- workers; financial concerns; changes in one's life;
good posture is a habit, and habits are formed by constant repetition.
Environmental stressors
heat, humidity, cold, noise, heavy traffic, overcrowding, pollution
three key muscle groups that keep the body upright
1) back, 2)hamstrings 3) Iliopsoas
total body weight in male and female
45% in male and 35% in female
body of cells that use only carbohydrates energy
brain and nerve system

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