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Functional Scoliosis

Non-Structural Scoliosis
"compensating" scoliosis


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Leg Length Inequality... why?
premature osteoarthritis, infertility, chronic fetal wastage
etiology of sacral base unleveling
short leg, short hemi-pelvis, pelvic somatic dysfunction (shears, rotations), sacral anomalies, L5 anomalies, LE deformities (knee, hip)
actual leg length is measured
medial malleolus to ASIS
fwd bending tends to ____ these curves as the sidebending and rotation are most prominent in neutral mechanics
with other problems present, leg lenth differences as short as ___ can be significant?
long leg side
Leg length inequality? d/t arch collapse, d/t osteoarthritis of the hip, d/t piriformis syndrome
if only problem is leg length, the leg length difference without adverse effects can be?
shoe gets built atop a platform
when heel lifts are over 1"
Heilig Formula
determines how much heel lift to give and in what increments
Sacral Base Unleveling
the spinal curve compensates for the pelvic tilt.
erect AP, lateral lumbar spine
type of XR to perform for diagnosis of scoliosis
SBD/D+C... sacral base declination, duration, compensation
what is the heilig formula?
low back pain
major symptom with a compensatory curve
Heel lift treatment
if bone growth is complete, what txment for uneven legs?
15 degrees
most curves measure less than...
What areas do you check for scoliosis diagnosis?
symmetry, mid-gravity line, forward bending, leg length
short leg side
leg length discrepancy..d/t ovarian cyst
absolute goal of scoliosis treatment?
straighten the spine

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