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CKE Physics - Lesson 3

Famous Physicists


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Charles Coulomb, France
1736-1806; Physicist and Engineer
Albert Einstein, Germany
Developed the Special Theory of Relativity
Sir Isaac Newton, England
1643-1727; Described the force known as gravity
Theory of Gravity
Explains why things fall
The measured amount of current flowing in a wire.
Three Laws of Motion
Explain how things respond to forces that are applied to them.
Janet Guthrie, American
b. 1938; Aerospace Engineer
Janet Guthrie, American
First woman to qualify and race in both the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500.
Richard Feynman, American
1918-1988; helped figure out why the space shuttle Challenger exploded
Galileo Galilei, Italy
1564-1642; Built first telescope and discovered mountains on the moon
The standard measure of electricity.
André Ampère, France
1775-1836; Chemist, Physicist, Mathematician
Henry Cavendish, England
Calculations on the size of the earth; provided a precise measurement of the earth's gravity
Henry Cavendish, England
1731-1810; Chemist and Physicist; discovered Hydrogen gas
Richard Feynman, American
Received the Nobel Prize for his work describing the behavior of interacting particles inside of atoms.
Sir Isaac Newton, England
Developed his Three Laws of Motion
Heinrich Hertz, Germany
1857-1894; made first steps to modern day radio and television by developing a way to transmit electromagnetic waves from one device to another
André Ampère, France
Discovered attraction between two wires carrying electricity in the same direction.
Sir Isaac Newton, England
Best known for his work in mechanics
Aristotle, Greece
One of first thinkers about physics of motion
Special Theory of Relativity
The relationship between matter and energy
Albert Einstein, Germany
1879-1955; Developed theories on particle motion in fluids, theory on the nature of light
Galileo Galilei, Italy
A Pioneer in explaining how objects move, why they stop, and how fast they go.
Charles Coulomb, France
Known for his theories of electricity and magnetism
Alessandro Volta, Italy
1745-1827; Physicist who invented the first battery

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