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Science Module 1 Review


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collected much data in favor of the heliocentric system but was forced (by the church) to recant his belief in it
Galileo Galilei
proposed the geocentric system
Claudius Ptloemaius
Considered by many to be the first modern scientist
Robert Grosseteste
Proposed the heliocentric system
Nicholas Coperincus
Discovered law of mass conservation
Antoine Lavoiser
one of the first scientists
Thales of Miletus
Bohr's atom
Nichols Bohr
founder of modern physics
James Clerk Maxwell
Demonstrated the first law of thermodynamics
James Joule
Destroyed the idea of the immutability of species
Charles Darwin
Had two theories of relativity and specialized in quantum mechanics
Albert Einstein
Developed first detailed atomic theory, founder of modern atomic theory
John Dalton
Ancient Greek scientist who belived in atoms
Determined how traits are passed during reproduction
Gregory Mendel
Developed idea of spontaneous generation

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