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FTP PTA Transfers


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sliding board - how
remove foot and arm rest, place board under pt, grasp belt and slide pt.
stand pivot - how
grip gait belt and have pt. stand slwoly pivot feet to turn pt. , lower pt. to bed
consider before transfer
let pt. do as much as possible, lock wheel chair, put gait belt on, shoes or grippy socks, MMT quads and triceps, assess pt.'s physiological state, check sitting balance, know mental state and motivation
types of transfers
6 person slide, 3 person lift, sliding board, swing pivot, stand pivot
patient preparation
place gait belt, tuck long robes out of way, shoes or grippy on pt., MMT triceps and Quads, tuck in UE
independent level of assistance
pt. 100% able to do activity
gait belt - use
always use belt unless pt. recumbelt, any belt works, place snugly around waist, do not place through belt loops
sliding board- use
use towel or powder if skin bare, tilt pt. to one side to place board, stabilize end of board, watch fingers
sliding board - why
pt. obese, decreased strength, poor balance, bilater amputee, high level quadrapelegic, good UE strength
environment preparation
postion pt. utilize strong side, mimic home situations, lock wheelchair brakes, check tubing, dry floor, move to similar height
6 person slide w/ draw sheet - how
three people on each side each grasping sheet
moderate assistance level of assistance
pt complete some of the activity up 50 % hlp from therapist
swing pivot - why
one good LE but poor LE strength, UE strength
maximal assistance level of assistance
pt requires assistance from therapist for at least 75% of skill
hoyer lift - use
for obese or very week pt.s, sling on metal lift
Transfer body mechanics
keep pt. close to your body, use legs, pivot feet, wide base of support
swing pivot - how
remove arm/foot rest, scoot pt. forward, squeeze pt.'s knees between yours, swing pt. to chair
5' X 5'
area needed for toilet transfer
contact guard level of assistance
high probability of pt. needing help, hands on but not helping unless needed
stand by assist / close guarding level of assistance
fair probability of pt. needing help, helper close but not touching pt.
stand pivot - why
fair strength, unilateral involvement, THR TKR reduced fracture
minimal assistance level of assistance
pt complete majority of activity up to 25% assistance from therapist
transfer performance
scoot pt. to edge of chair, count aloud to prepare pt. to assist, move slowly, use good body mechanics
three person lift w/o draw sheet - how
set carts perpendicular, foot of one near head of other, slide arms under head, chest, legs/feet, move pt. to edge of bed and roll into baody for stability, lift together and transfer
supervision level of assistance
pt. low probability of problem, helper within arms reach
6 person slide w/ draw sheet - why
comatose pt. , paralysis, large pt., back surgery
transfer equipment
gait belt, sliding board, hoyer lift
after transfer
reposition pt., assure modesty, check medical devices
3 person lift w/o draw sheet - why
comatose pt., paralysis, large pt.,
explanation of process
explain what you are going to do, what they are going to do, what assistant needs to do, demonstrate transfer to pt.

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