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Basic Nursing


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Passive Immunity
the transfer of antibodies from a mother to her unborn child in the womb.
Sims' Position
The position is AKA the left lateral position, it may be used for administering rectal rectal suppositories, enemas & other surgical procedures.
The most common back injury is strain on this particular muscle group.
Body Mechanics
The conditions of the joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles in different body positions.
Patient Assistance
When performing a transfer from bed to chair w/ 1 nurse what are the requirements that should be addressed?
3 Person Team
When performing a transfer from the bed to a stretcher what are the requirements for a safe & successful transfer?
Hip Contracture
If a matress is sagging this may put the client at risk for what?
Active Immunity
the injection into healthy individuals of the disabled toxins of bacteria such as Corynebacterium diphtheriae, the agent causing diphtheria is an example of this.
1-Mercury in glasss, 2- Electronic, 3- Tympanic, 4- Disposable
What are the 4 different types of thermometers?
Always at the lowest position.
If a patient is in a restraint what position should the bed be in if side rails are being used?
A client that is weak on one side.
The leading cause of deaths for infants, toddlers, & preschoolers.
A bed position that is used for patients w/ vertebal injuries
The client is lying on back, w/ knees bent, thighs apart, and feet resting in stirrups. The position is used for pelvic exams in females,rectal exams& some operations.
Client Inherited Accidents
Accidents other than falls in which the patient is the primary factor causing the accident.
Every 2 hours
If a client is placed in a restraint how often should the restraint be released?
The colapsing of the alveoli.
10-15 SEC.
What is the time frame for a general hand wash?
Radiation, Convection, Conduction, & Evaporation
How is heat lost in the body, if it is gained through metabolism & exercise?
Every 20 -30 Min
How often should the nurse reposition her client who is sitting in a chair ?
Prone Position
The client is lying on stomach, w/knees straight, forearms may be under th ehead. The position is used for examination of the posterior of the body surfaces.
Procedure Related Accidents
Accidents caused by health care providers.
Supine Position
The client is lying on thei rback, w/ knees straight & arms are at the sides. This position is used for exams of the anterior body surfaces, breast exams & xrays.
Dorsal Recumbant
The client is lying on back, w/ knees bent and feet flat on the examination table; arms are at the sides. The position is used for exam of teh abdomen, occassionally for vaginal or rectal exams.
ROJM, Gait, & exercise
What are the 3 components that are being assessed when doing an assessment of mobility?
The act of listening for sounds.
Any microorganism capable of producing an illness.
65-75 degrees F
The normal temperature and comfort zone although room temperature maybe 68- 74 degrees F
The most common means of transmission of pathogens.
Equipment Related Accidents
Accidents that result from the malfunction or misuse of equipment.
Semi-Fowler's Position
Bed is elevated at 30 degrees it is mainly used to help promote a client's lung expansion.
the manner in which a patient walks.
Assume a wide base of support w/1 foot in front of the other & ease the patient down to the floor by bending the nurse's knees & keeping her back straight.
Mrs. Judkin's is a healthy independent young woman who has been hospitalized for severe blackout spells. She is being discharged today, upon being discharged the nurse notice that Mrs. Jukins was in the process of falling. What would you do in this scenario?
A client who has limited ROM indicates a form of this.
Musculoskeletal Disorders
What are the most prevalent occupational health hazards among nurses?
A client that is paralyzed on one side.
Knee Chest Position
The client's head, chest, & knees are flat against the examining table, knees are bent & weight is resting mainly on the knees & chest. The position is used for rectal exams,artificial insemination,& some surgical procedures.
Physical Restraints
A mechanical or physical device used to immobilize a client or extremity, restricts the freedom of movement or normal access to a person's body.

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