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TJ Prep Day 8


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to relieve, make more bearable
alleviate - The Mayor allocated 30 percent of the funds for improving the town's schools
reserved, distant
aloof - The scientist could sometimes seem aloof, as if he didn't care about his friends or family, but really he was just thinking about quantum mechanics.
having opposing feelings
ambivalent - My feelings about Calvin are ambivalent because on one hand he is a loyal friend, but on the other, he is a cruel and vicious thief.
willing, compliant
amenable - Our father was amenable when we asked him to drive us to the farm so we could go apple picking
to improve
ameliorate - The tense situation was ameliorated when Sam proposed a solution everyone could agree upon
to assert, usually without proof
allege - The policeman had alleged that Marshall committed the crime, but after the investigation turned up no evidence, Marshall was set free
an item that increases comfort
amenity - Bill Gates's house is stocked with so many amenities, he never has to do anything for himself
a dispute, fight
altercation - Jason and Lionel blamed one another for the car accident, leading to an altercation
to bring together, unite
amalgamate - Because of his great charisma, the presidential candidate was able to amalgamate all democrats and republicans under his banner
uncertain, variably interpretable
ambiguous - Some people think Caesar married Cleopatra for her power, others believe he was charmed by her beauty. His actual reasons are ambiguous

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