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Humanism, Scientific Revolution, Hobbes


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In what century did Hobbes write this book?
Chaos, tyranny
Hobbes believed that "man abhors __________ more than he does __________."
The ethical ideal that we ought to concern ourselves with the interest of others as opposed to our own desires
Ethical ideal in which people ought to act according to their own self-interest
Hobbes believed that men entered into what so as to gain the advantage of security?
Humans are brutish and prone to self-interest
What is the nature of man, according to Hobbes?
Isaac Newton
Which scientist in the 17th century served as the fulcrum upon which the paradigm shift from Church to Science, in western civilization, occurred?
Materialist World View
Based on science and math—we study everything around us and do not use faith to define reason
"Would that man had more __________ as five give such delight!"
Euclidean Geometry
Hobbes believed that the universe functioned according to what
In what book did Hobbes lay down his philosophy of human nature and the mechanics of government?

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