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Peds PPT 2: Bathing and Showering


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By age 8 children can
independently prepare bath/shower water and wash/dry self
Parental body mechanics
sit on stool beside tub/kneel on cushion, lift with knees bent and back straight, use legs for power
Facilitating safety
nonslip bath mats beside and in tub, grab bars, rubber cover for faucet, mark faucet for temperature
Sensory info Water temp
warm is calming, can inhibit tone and increase ROM
By age - children wash and dry with supervision
CP - into tub
keep head and arms forward when lifting/lowering into tub
rub with washcloth, water play, deep pressure while drying
Brushing Teeth - ages
imitate at 2, supervision until 6
Motor limitations
Restore - with activities for ROM, bilateral coordination, grasp, postural control, motor planning - before teaching bathing
Draining the tub and wrapping in a towel before lifting out can do what?
increase security
When children with CP are startled what can happen?
loose balance
What types of games give children awareness and movement needed for self bathing?
Reach above/behind/down
Bath play
encourages child to explore, engage in pretend play
Interest begins around

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