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History Questions Ch. 11

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Who was Louisiana's carpetbagger governor?
Henry Clay Warmoth
Who were the Unionists?
People who had supported the Union during the war period
What was the Enforcement Act?
made it a crime to interfere with the rights of a citizen
Who were the redeemers?
white democrats
Who was the 1st African American to serve as governor of Louisiana?
P.B.S. Pinchback
Who became president after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?
Andrew Johnson
What is the crop lien system?
type of sharecropping where the worker and or planters bought a year's supplies on credit, the store owner usually agrees to take part of the crop in payment at the end of the year
What was Louisiana required to do in order to remove military reconstruction?
La had to ratify the 14the amendment and write a new constitution that included universal male suffrage, in addition, under military reconstruction only those who could swear that they had never supported the confederacy were allowed to vote
What is due process and why is it important?
due process refers to the judicial procedures set up to protect the rights of individuals, such produceres are necessary to maintain a democratic society
Why did the legislature pass the laws known as the Black Code?
The free movement of the former slaves frightened whites, the balck code was intended to regulate the freedmen's actions, movements, and conduct, it was also intended to help the planters find workers
What agency operated school for the former slaves after the war?
Freedmen's Bureau
Why did some freedmen move to Louisiana at this time?
They were paid more in LA because the land produced more cotton than in the eastern states
What new sport became popular after the Civil War?
What did the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution do?
Abolished Slavery
Why was it difficult to get crops to market?
Railroads had been heavily damaged during the war
What is sharecropping?
Planter provided the land, the tools, and a cabin for the worker in return for a share of the prophet when the crop was sold
What are some reasons that made LA's economic reecovery after the Civial War so difficult?
Much of the land was devasted and homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed, the railroads bridges roads and levees were damaged and needed repair; the plantations had difficult finding workers
What was President Lincoln's reconstruction plan?
he wanted to restore the southern states to the Union as quickly as possible once 10% of the voters in a state signed a loyalty of oath an election for state and local officials could be held and a new state constitution written
What rights did the 14th Amendment protect?
Granted citizenship to the freedmen guaranteed them due process of law gave them the right to vote
What was the purpose of the meeting at the Mechanics Institute in New Orleans?
To discuss suffrage and other issues
What happened to the economy of the northern states after the war?
They experienced an economic boom
Why do you think the radical republicans wanted to punish the south?
the civil war was devestating to the nation and to the south in particular, the radical republicans wanted the south to pay for the damage and destruction of the war
What was the returning board?
established by governor warmoth to check election results to make sure they were fair
What was a carpetbagger?
Northeners that paces up their few belongings and headed south to make their fortune

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