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Chapter 8 Social Studies


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WWII effect on women
held many jobs: pilots, factory workers, and mechanics
Manhatten Project
effort of United States to build atomic bommb
Normady France
largest sea invasion in the world
six million Jews were murdered
First African American fighter pilots
trained in Tuskegee Alabama
effect of WWII on the economy
was good because factories had to expand to produce military equipment
Japan surrended
after the atomic bomb was used
rise of dictators
became a concerrn because they planned to attack and conquer other countries
Battle of Midway
Japanese Navy became too weak to continue capturing island in Pacific
Concentration camps
places where Jews and others were imprisioned and murdered
axis powers
Germany, Italy, and Japan
Battle of Stalingrad
Germans retreated from the Soviet Union
Bombing of Pearl Harbour
event that caused the US to enter World War II
Great Britian and France
declared war on Germany because they invaded Poland
executive order 9066
ordered by President FDR - internment of Japanese Americans

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