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PTA FTP bed mobility


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up or down in bed w/sheet - two person
stand on opposite side of bed near end you want to go to, grasp sheet and pull simultaneously
reason for bed mobility
assist independence, prevent skin breakdown, avoid contractures, prepare for sit-stand transf.
turning pt. in bed - sidelying to supine
stand behind pt., place upper leg on lower leg or slightly behind, hands at shoulder and hip, pull gently toward you, move hands posterior to slow movement
turning pt. in bed - sidelying to prone
face pt., place up arm on side or back and upper leg on lower leg, place under arm overhead or tuck under side, grasp hip and shoulder and pull, shift hands to slow movement
draw sheet - two person slide
move pt up down or side to side, stand same side of bed-one at shoulder/one at hip, grasp sheet palms down - one person count to pull
w/o draw sheet - two person - segmental moving
one person moves head and shoulders while other moves hips simultaneously, may move legs after or have 3rd person do so
sitting pt up in bed - supine to short sitting
bend pt.'s hip and knees so feet are flat on bed, place upper arm under shoulder and lower arm over knees and grasp far leg, swing pt to sitting legs off bed
draw sheet - turning patient / one person
move pt. from side to side with arms and legs crossed, stand on side you want pt to roll to, grasp draw sheet, pull draw sheet over pt, rolling him toward you
bed mobility body mechanics
good level, bend hip and knee, wide base of support, pull --push--lift
w/o draw sheet - one person slide
for small pt. fold pt.'s arms across chest, grasp under shoulder (supporting head with your elbow) and under hips, shift weight front to back to slide pt toward you
sitting pt up in bed - supine to long - large pt
move pt to edge of bed, place lower hand across body and under axilla and shoulder to head, place upper arm under pt.'s shoulder so arms form X, bend knees: lift pt by straightening kness and pivoting feet to face bed when pt. sitting
draw sheet - two person lift
to move pt with skin breakdown. one pulling one pushing or one at trunk & one at legs. one person each side of bed, grasp sheet palms up with elbow braced for stability, one person count to lift, sift one front to back other back to front while extending arms, always use legs
key bed mobility components for patient
reduce friction
extremity lifting principles
hand under wrist and elbow, hands under knee and ankle
draw sheet - turning patient / two person
same procedure as one person with second person stabilizing pt. as other places draw sheet
draw sheet - one person slide
to move pt to side of bed, stand at sideof bed at pt. waist, grasp sheet palm down - pull shifting from back to front
key bed mobility components for therapist
reduce effects of gravity, centralize pt.'s wght, use gravity to our benefit
sitting pt up in bed - segmental sitting
slide legs over edge of bed, bring torso to sitting position by lifting under shoulders
turning pt in bed - supine to prone
place rolling arm over head if possible or w/hand under hip, other arm stays on side, at pt waist one hand on shoulder on hand on hip, pull pt toward you to roll, move hands to anterior side of body to slow movement to prone
placing draw sheet
under pt. shoulder to hip, fan for placement, roll pt away and tuck fan, roll pt supine and pull sheet through
turning pt in bed - supporting lower extremity
utilize two person turn, same procedures with 2nd person support LE in alignment
bed mobility equipment
draw sheet, bed rails, overhead trapeze, loops
moving up or down in bed w/sheet - one person
sheet should from head to below hips, standing at head of bed grasp sheet overhand, shift weight front to back to shift pt.
turning pt. in bed basic principles
slide pt to edge of bed, cross away leg over leg going toward, remove glasses, pillows, and allow slack in tubing, free arms, reposition pt in center of bed, check tubing
w/o draw sheet - one person - segmental moving
fold pt arms across chest, place arms under pt on either side of segment you want to move, move legs last
sitting pt up in bed - supine to long - small pt.
move pt toward edge of bed, place lower hand across body and under pt.'s neck and upper back, place upper hand on bed, lift pt w/ lower hand while pushing down w/upper shifting weight front to back, pt can assist

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