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marketing golden sheets


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Name the 4 P's + the other very important key features
1. Target Market
2. Position(image)
3. Promotion(integrated marketing communication)
4. Price
5. Place(distribution)
6. Product
A target market is what?
- the people who buy your product
- these people have needs
What is another name for image (the way your product perceives your product)
Why is the lowest price not always the best value?
because value is subjective, and a lot of the time you get what you pay for.
what are some of the best ways to let your target know about your product?
- advertising
- selling
- sales promotion
- publicity
- sponsorship
- direct response
what are some examples of sales promotion?
cupons, free goods, extra time, premiums
what are you selling?
what other things might people buy than the product (that comes along with the produc)?
atmosphere, image, brand, ect...
what is a need?
a sense of depravation, in marketing you find a need and fill it.
what sort of things so products include?
quality, features, brand, packaging, customer service and warranties.

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