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History exam

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made freed slaves citizens and provided all citizens with"equal protection of the law"
14th amendment
he was the leader of the "free french" government in exile in great britain.
Charles De Gualle
True or False: The foriegn policy of the USA during the 1920s was isolationist.
what was the nickname of TR's Progressive Party
bull moose party
this law regulated the railroads
the interstate commerce act
what international body did Wilson propose after WWI to resolve disputes and prevent future wars?
league of nations
this agreement between the USA and britain envisioned a post-war cooperation after the nazis were defeated.
alantic charter
Regulated the sale of stocks and bonds and punished dishonest stockbrokers and speculators
he said, " the business of America is business."
Calvin Coolidge
this dictator "made the trains run on time"
Benito Mussolini
Author of the jungle
upton Sinclair
wanted to be the party of reforms(1880)
half breeds
worked to raise farm prices quickly and control production so that farm prices would stay up over the long term
enacted prohibition
18th Amendment
he was the hero of the battle of San juan hill
theodore Roosevelt
nickname for the "liberated" women of the 1920s who wore "bobbed" hair and short skirts.
this fast, maneuverable British fighter plane helped england win the battle of Britian
spit fire
the indea to make money out of silver instead of gold
free silver
called themselves stalwarts and rebelled by voting for grover cleveland
this GOP senator led the fight against confirming the Treaty of Versailles.
Henry Cabot Lodge
this suffragist led prostesters in front of the white house in 1917
alice paul
True or False: the 1920's were a liberal decade
This future US President headed the Food Administration during WWI
Herbert Hoover
what did TR call reporters and authors who only focused on"getting the dirt" in thier reporting
hitler's last offensive during WWII, the 101st Airborne's commander answered a call for surrender with, "nuts!" before Patton's tanks saved the day
the bulge
this country's leader was joseph stalin
this country invaded Ethiopia in 1935
what alliance before WWI included England, France, and Russia
triple entente
how did Theodore Roosevelt become both vice president and president?
vice president- he was govenor and the republicans did not like him because he was to progressive, so they put him as VP. president - he was elected VP and mckinley got assinated and so he became president
32nd president, 1933-45, only 4 terms as president
FDR, democrat
this german general known as "the desert fox" faced Patton in North Africa
Erwin Rommel
what US vessel's sinking led to war with Spain
USS maine
True or False: FDR was elected to 4terms as president
what was known as "the sewards fooly"
36th president, 1963-69, great society and veitnam
LBJ, democrat
the people that did not like what lincoln was doing with the reconstruction
radical republicans
29th president, 1921-23, promised normalcy
harding, republican
this law made it illegal for big businesses to "conspire in restraint of trade"
the sherman antitrust act
Gave women the right to vote
19th Amendment
31st president, 1929-33, blamed for the great depression
hoover, republican
Provided jobs for young men to work on projects to benefit the public such as planting trees and building national parks
the turning point on the eastern front in europe
18th president, 1869-77, top union general
grant, republican
stimulated the economy through the building of huge public works projects that needed large numbers of workers
this famous pilot was part of the " America First Committee"
Charles Lindbergh
describe the outcome of the 1912 election.
TDR joined in he took away taft votes because he was a republican to, so the democrats win
this country signed a non- aggression pact with germany at the beginning of world war II
this liberal opponent of FDR promised to make "every man a king" through high taxes on the rich
Heuy Long
this law regulated the nation's banking system
the federal reserve act
which of the following was not one of the Big four after world war I?
STALIN..., Lloyd George, Clemenceau, orlando
helped business to regulate itself to improve the overall economy
this scandal was the largest of the harding adminstration
Teapot Dome
he was the founder of the American socialist party, and ran for president as a socialist
Eugene V debs
this WWI german ace shot down 80 planes.
Baron Manfred Von Richthofen
33rd president, 1945-53, drop the A-bomb on japan
truman, democrat
21st president, 1881-85, "stalwart" who reformed civil service
chester author, republican
the country was run by a nazi puppet government headquartered at vichy
the democrat nominee for president in the election of 1912
woodrow Wilson
First - Recovery. Second - refrorm
What was the difference between the first and second New Deal?
this law made the income tax constitutional
the 16th amendment
leader of the the national women sufferage association and was the first women on a US coin
Susan b. anthony
what laws did Hitler pass to take away Jews' rights in Germany?
nuremberg laws
True or False: The model was the first automobile
this country invaded manchuria in 1931
25th president, 1897-1901, spanish - america war
mickinly, republican
43rd president, 2001-now, currently lives in the white house
G. bush, Republican
what were Japenese suicide pilots called
the turning point of the war in the pacific; where the original USS Yorktown was sunk
he said, " the only thing we have to fear is fear itsel."
Franklin Delane Roosevelt
20th president, 1881, assassinated over civil service reform
garfeild, republican
this law instituted a series of civil service exams for prospective office- seekers
the pendleton act
he became president upon the assination of James Garfield
Chester A. Author
What disease did FDR suffer from?
this president of the naval war college articulated a plan for the USA to become a major naval power
Alfred mahan
he had to make it better than the Square deal
Why did FDR choose the name "new Deal" for his domestic agenda?
this american humorist said "I've always wanted to see a competent man as president."
Will Rodgers
Controlled flooding, promoted conservation and development, and brought eleectricity to rural areas along the tennessee river
which of the following was not part of the triple alliance?
germany, austria- hungary, italy, THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE
This general commanded the American Expeditionary Force in WWI
John J. Pershing
this country signed the treaty of bresti - litovsk to get out of World War I
author of the history of the standard oil company
ida Tarbell
this country gave a "blank check" to there ally before WWI
This political "boss" controlled tammay hall
William m. Tweed
only president serve two consecutive terms
grover cleveland
the court packing plan was when FDR wanted to put 6 new justices in the court and the plan failed
What was the "court packing plan?"
the republican nominee for president in the election of 1912
William Howard Taft
34th president, 1953-61, allied general at D-Day
eisenhower, republican
what british passenger liner was sunk by german U-boats prior to WWI, killing 129 Americans?
this GOP candidate in 1920 won the presidency based on a pledge to return "normalcy."
Warren Harding
this message between Germany and Mexico was intercepted by the USA and helped speed US entry into WWI
Zimmerman telegram
He said,"you furnish the pictures, I'll furnish the war"
William Randolph Hearst
What nickname was given to FDR's weekly radio address.
The Fireside Chats
guaranteed a minimum wage, overtime pay, etc.
Fair Labor Standards Ace
this country annexed austria in 1938
the last queen of Hawaii, she abdicated in1893
the law forbade the manufacture, sale, or transportationof alcoholic beverages in the USA
the 18th amendment
US marines raised the american flag in a photo that would become the basis for the Marine Corps Monument during this battle
iwo jima
This Massachusetts governor broke up a boston police strike, saying,"there is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, anytime."
Calvin Coolidge
insured individual bank deposits against bank failures
22nd president, 1885-89, two non - consecutive terms
cleveland, democrat
what was wildrow wilson's domestic agenda called
new freedom
what west African proverb describes Theodore Roosevelt's foriegn policy philosophy?
speak soflty and carry a big stick
Gave labor the right to unionize and to strike
Wagner Act
won the 1888 election
benjamin harrison
what was the most famous death camp of the Holocaust(in poland)?
26th president, 1901- 09, he carried a big stick
TDR, republican
whixh of the following new military technoligies was not avialbly uring world war I?
machine guns, ATOMIC BOMBS, tanks, submarines
this democrat lost to Herbert Hoover in the 1928 presidential election, largely because he was Catholic
Alfred Smith
over 22,000 prisoners died on a "death march" to prison camp following this battle
this US general was the allied commander of "operation overlaod" (d-day)
Dwight D. Eisenhower
what day was D- day?
Juna 6, 1944
he was the hero of the battle of Manila bay
George Dewey
what was theodore roosevelt's domestic agenda called
square deal
True or False: Herbert Hoover caused the great depresion
17th president, 1865-69, 1st impeached president
johnson, republican
16th president, 1861- 65, assinated by john wilkes booth,
lincoln, republican
this european country was one of the allies in World War I, but was one of the Axis Powers in World War II
This 1920's African - American leader promisd to take black africans "back to Africa"
Marcus Garvey
allowed formed slaves the rigjht to vote
15th amendment
this protective tariff deepened the depression by closing foriegn markets to US goods
Hawley Smoot Tariff
what was the nickname of TR's volunteer cavalry unit in the Spanish American War
rough riders
Famous Jazz performer of the 1920's
Louis Armstrong
True or False: a "dividend" is when you buy a stock low and sell it high
About which president was Will Rodgers talking about when he said "I've always wanted to see a competent man as president."
Herbert Hoover
30th president, 1923-29, he was silent
coolidge, republican
this temperance advocate broke bottles and kegs with an axe.
carry a. nation
which of the following countries was not taken over by the USSR at the start of World War II
41st president, 1989-93, gulf war
G.H. Bush, republican
famous spokesman in the free silver
william jennings bryan
this air battle was a strategic draw, but saved Australia from the japanese
the coral sea
this law gave women the right to vote
the 19th amendment
27th president, 1909-13, weighed 350lbs
taft, republican
True or False: Some New Deal programs were unconstitutional.
this country captured the philippines, guam, and midway from the usa druing World War II
enforced prohibition
Volstead Act
the first atomic bomb was dropped on:
what three reforms made up the "Oregon System?"
anitiative, recall, referidum
What nickname do we give to FDR's " best and brightest" advisors.
Brain Trust
True or False: more government programs were passed during the first 100 days of FDR's first term than ever before or since.
This president's campaign slogan in 1916 was "he kept us out of war."
Woodrow Wilson
this future prime minister declared about Munich,"the allie had a choice between war and dishonor. they chose dishonor,but they shall have war."
Winston Churchill
this 2nd New Deal program income for the retired and disabled
Social Security Act
unions main general during the civil war. he won president as a republican
ulyses S. grant
republican candidate of the new and rising middle class. he won in the 1896 election
william mckinley
what were the women who served in the US navy during WWII called?
24th president, 1893-97, two non - consecutive terms
cleveland, democrat
Attorney General who instituted raids on suspected radicals and anarchists during the first red scare
Mitchell Palmer
this british prime minister announced upon leaving the munich conference, "we have acheived peace for our time."
Neville Chamberland
this American commodore open US trade with Japan through the treaty of kanagawa
Mathew perry
this general announced upon leaving the philippines, "i shall return."
Douglas Macauthur
42nd president, 1993-2001, 2nd impeached president
clinton, democrat
he sent the "great white fleet" around the globe
theodore roosevelt
allied troops in WWI prevented a german invasion of Paris, but then were locked in stalemate
The marne
author of A Red Record, which exposed the practice of lynching.
ida b. wells
freed all the slaves
13th amendment
What was the first "talking" motion picture?
The Jazz Singer
40th president, 1981-89, "tear down this wall"
reagan, republican
39th president, 1977-81,former GA peanut farmer
carter, democrat
wanted things to stay the same(1880)
what day was V-J day?
August 15, 1945
fully ended reconstruction in the south
comprise of 1877
35th president, 1961-63, assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald
JFK, democrat
was impeached because of the tenure in office act
andrew johnson
killed lincoln
john wilkes booth
38th president, 1974-77, only non - elected president
ford, republican
leader of the mugwumps
grover cleveland
what was john hay's proposal for US foriegn policy in China
open door policy
leader of the radical republicans
thaddeus stevens
28th president, 1913-21, "he kept us out of war" until WWI
wilson, democrat
what nickname is given to the sensational brand of reporting that helped lead the USA into the Spanish American War
yellow journalism
this attorney for the ACLU defended John Scopes in the famous "monkey Trial"
Clarence Darrow
this italian immigrant and anarchist was executed during the first red scare after being convicted of robbery and murder
Niccolo Sacco
this addition to the Cuban constitution gave the USA de facto control over cuban foreign policy
the platt amendment
the republican candidate for the 1876 election. civil war general
rutherford b hayes
23rd president, 1889-93, grandfather was president
benjamin harrison
this US president won the Nobel peace prize for negotiating the treaty of Portsmouth
theodore Roosevelt
the japanese fleet was destroyed in this argest naval engagement of all time, which cleared the way for the US to re-take the philippines
Leyte Gulf
over 330,000 allied troops were evacuated from the coast of france in 800+ boats
this country was created by the treaty of versailles after world war I
military doctor who helped tame tropical diseases in the panama canal zone
William gorgas
repealed prohibition
21st Amendment
He said, " you can any color you want as long as it is black."
Henry Ford
the invasion of this country began World War II
this assassin shot Archduke Franz Ferninand, beginning WWI
Gavirlo Princeps
made war illegal
Kellogg - Briand Pact
hoover had this group of disgruntled WWI veterans dispeared by the advisors
Bonus Army
what nickname was given to american soldiers in WWI?
dough boys
american farmers began to band together to fight against eastern and northern banks, businesses, and railroads
what nickname was given to the african- american soldiers of the 10th cavalry who fought at san juan hill
buffalo soldiers
this law allwoed the direct election of US senators
the 17th amendment
What were the french defenses along their border with germany called?
maginot line
True or False: John Scopes was found guilty in the "monkey trial"
Harding's Secretary of the Interior; he was the first cabinet - level official to ever go to jail.
Albert Fall
37th president, 1969-74, watergate
nixon, republican
the radical republicans began to be replaced by congressmen whose focus was not slavery. it pardoned most former confederates
amnesty act of 1872
teddy roosevelt supported this law after reading the jungle
the pure food and drug act
19th president, 1877-81, disputed election of 1876,
hayes, republican
the democratic candidate for election of 1876. govenor of NY
Samuel j. tiden
True or False: the New Deal ended the great depression
the USA sold these government IOU's to help pay for WWI
liberty bonds
18 US ships were sunk and 2400+ americans were lost
pearl harbor
What kind of rapid assult did Germany launch against Poland in 1939
this US president called december 7, 1941, "a day which shall live in infamy."
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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