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Marine Biology Definitions 2

Marine Biology definition for modules 5-8


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Ambulacral Groove
A channel along the oral surface of echinoderms through which the tube feet protrude
Closed Circulatory System
A circulatory system in which the blood always remains in the vessels
A flexible supportive rod that runs through the length of the body of the chordates
A sheath of tissue surrounding the organs of a mollusk, producing the mollusk's shell and performing respiration
The process of shedding an exoskeleton and replacing it with a new one
Open Circulatory System
A circulatory system in which blood flows out of the blood vessels and into the body cavities, where it comes in direct contact with the cells
Water Vascular System
A network of water-filled canals in echinoderms, used for locomotion and feeding
Dorsal Nerve Chord
A long bundle of nerve cells located along the dorsal part of an organism's body
A derivative of carbohydrates that provides both flexibility and support
An armored shield that covers the anterior portion of crustaceans
The anterior part of an arthropod body, consisting of a head and other body segments fused together
An organ covered with hundreds of small teeth, used for scraping food into the mouths of mollusks

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