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Marine Biology

Mr.Meier's Oceanography Test


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what are the conditions of El Nino?
It stops upwelling and brings warm water into an area that normally has cold water (bad for marine life, occurs every 5-7 years)
where are the greatest effects of tides seen?
what causes tides?
the gravitational pull of the moon
what does the background radiation explain?
It is radiation left over from the big bang (nuclear explosion)
what does the doppler effect explain?
It shows that the universe is still expanding. It tells us if thinga re moving towards or away from us by light and sound.
what is plate tectonics?
the process by which continents drift on the surface of the earth
average slinity of the ocean
what is the coriolis force?
when winds and currents are deflected by the earths rotation (North hemisphere=right or clockwise, South hemisphere=left or counterclockwise)
what were the gases of the first atmosphere?
water, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane
At what temperature is fresh water the densest?
four degrees Celsius
what does the big bang theory explain?
a nuclear explosion that changed energy into matter and created the universe.
which tides occur with full and quarter moons?
high tides
what is subduction?
the process where old crust is recycled.
chemical reaction of organic compunds
CH4+NH3+H2O+H2= organic compounds/amino acids (methane+ammonia+water+hydrogen)
what color shifts is there in star spectrums?
red has a longer wavelength than blue. It the universe is expanding there should be a red shift to the spectrum of stars
how many spring and neap tides are there each month?
two spring and two neap
most common salt in seawater
soduim chloride
what were the first and second life on earth?
bacteria, blue green algae
What was Pangea?
a super continent consisting of all the continents conected together
What causes El Nino?
A reverse of the normal Pacific gyre
when did the big bang occur?
about 14-15 billion years ago
what is primordial soup?
the early sea that was filled with organic compounds
lass salty than the average ocean
what is a thermocline?
the layer of rapid temperature drop that keeps water from mixing
what was Gondwanaland?
A landmass of all the southern continents
measures amount of slinity in water
how are spring and neap tides different?
spring tide is when the sun,moon, and earth are in allignment. Neap tide is when the sun and moon are at right angles (90 degrees) with the earth
which gas was not one of the gases in the first atmosphere?
oxygen and ammonia
Major Oceans of the world
Pacific Atlantic Indian Arctic
when did the earth form?
about 4.6 billion years ago
what end of the color spectrum penetrates the least?
what does subduction form?
ocean trenches and volcanoes
What is the average number of high and low tides each day?
two high and two low
what energy sourece formed organic compounds?
lightning or ultrviolet radiation from the sun
why do plates move on the earth?
plates are chunks of rock floating on a semi-liquid mantle. spreading starts at the sea floor where the crust is the thinnest
what end of the color spectrum penetrates the deepest?

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