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Marine Biology 4


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What is an Adipose Fin ?
The small fin located between the dorsal fin and the caudal fin. It seems to serve no purpose.
What is Asexual Reproduction ?
Asexual means having no sex or sex organs, therefore asexual reproduction would be reproducing by means other than sex.
What is an Anal Fin ?
Single fin mounted vertically below the fish.
What are Barbels ?
Barbels are the whisker-like appendages found on both sides of the mouth of all catfish.
What is a Caudal ?
The single fin mounted vertically at the rear of the fish. The tail fin.
What is a Caudal Penduncle ?
The part of the body which attaches the caudal (tailfin) to the body.
What is a Coelenterate ?
An aquatic animal of the Phylum Coelenterata which is characterized by a central mouth usually surrounded by tentacles bearing stinging cells, and no anus; includes sea anemones, corals, and jellyfishes.
What does demersal mean ?
Sinking to or lying on the bottom; living on or near the bottom and feeding on benthic organisms.
What is a invertebrate ?
Invertebrates are animals without backbones like anemones, corals, shrimps, snails, and crabs.
What is a diurnal organism ?
An organism that is active during the day, and sleeping at night.
What is a Dorsal fin ?
The fin directly on the top of the body (it's the fin that sticks out of the water when you see a shark). Some fish have two dorsal fins one directly behind the other.
What does oviparous mean ?
Producing eggs which are fertilized, develop and hatch outside the body.
What does ovoviviparous mean ?
Producing eggs (usually with yolk) that are fertilized internally. Hatching may occur internally or external to the mother.
What is a Planktivore
A general term to describe an organism adapted to feed and survive from eating mostly plankton.
What is the Abyssal plain ?
The deep ocean floor, an expanse of low relief at depths of 4,000 to 6,000 meters.
What is an Anadromous fish ?
A fish that spends most of its life feeding in the open ocean but that migrates to spawn in fresh water.
What is Autotrophic algae ?
Algae capable of photosynthesis and growth using only dissolved inorganic nutrients.
What is Auxotrophic algae ?
Algae requiring a few organically derived substances, such as vitamins, along with dissolved inorganic nutrients for photosynthesis.
What is the Bathypelagic zone ?
The 2,000 to 4,000-m-depth zone seaward of the shelf-slope break.
What is a symbiotic relationship ?
A relationship where two or more different kinds of animals live together and both benefit in some way from the other's company. The most famous example is the clownfish and the anemone.
What is an adductor muscle ?
Muscles in bivalves used to close the shell.
What is an aperture ?
An opening or hole in the gastropod shell.
What is a muscle scar ?
A mark on the underside of a shell where a muscle was attached.
What is the Abyssopelagic Zone ?
'Abysso' meaning 'no bottom', this zone of the ocean begins 4000 m below the surface of the ocean and extends down to the sea floor.
What is a Benthic organism ?
Refers to organisms that live on or in the ocean bed.
What is Bioaccumulation ?
The process whereby pollutants are taken up, retained and concentrated in the cells of plants and animals.
What is a Dinoflagellate ?
Single-celled algae, mainly marine and often with a cellulose shell; some species may be luminescent, and some cause the red tides that are extremely toxic to marine life.
What is Plankton ?
A diverse group of minute animals (zooplankton) and plants (phytoplankton) that freely drift in the water.

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