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Marine Biology Worksheet Quiz


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What does it mean when a fish must irrigate its gills
force water over their gills or ventilate
Which animal group has the most complex and advanced nervous system
Why do many bony fish change their color during reproductive activity
to advertise there readiness to breed
Whats the percentage of cartilaginous fish
What do muscles have that allow them to store oxygen
How do marine bony fish prevent dehydration? How do they get rid of the excess
osmoregulate. kidneys and chloride cells
What are fish that spawn eggs called
what is the red protein that gives blood its color
The copulatory (reproductive) organs on sharks, rays, and skates called
How often can migration happen
once a day, once a year, or once in a lifetime
Ovaries and testes for cartilaginous fish are founf in the
Which classification relies mainly on vision than most fish
If oxygen is more concetrated in the water rather in blood during gas exchange, what will occur
How do cartilaginous fish get rid of the excess salts
rectal gland
Gametes of bony and jawless fish are found in the
urogenital opening
What type of fertilization occurs mainly in Cartilaginous fish
internal fertilization
The four patterns of fish when schoolinng
traveling, feeding, encirclement, streaming
What allows rays and skates to take in water
spiracles located behind the eyes on the dorsal fins
Lateral Line
a unique organ enables fish to detect vibrations in the water
What is Migration
migration is a mass movement from one place to another
What special feature does sharks have to protect their eyes
nictilating membrane
When may the tight coordination of schooling fish break down
when they are feeding or may be attacke
Three aggressive behavoirs that fish use to defend their territory
Raised fins, open mouth, and darting around
Three ways fish produce sound for defense
grinding their teeth, rubbing bones, or fins, and advantage in feeding or mating
What is the organ that allows cartilaginous to detect weak electrical fields
ampullae of lorenzini
What fish migrates to fresh water for breeding. Which is the most famous
Anadromous. Salmon
Fish that are able to fetilize their own eggs
THis fish is known to breed at sea and migrate to rivers for growning

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