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Marine Biology


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can the poisen of the Portuguese Man of War kill humans
Sea Wasp
which Jellyfish in South Carolina is considered to be the most venomous and known as the Box Jellyfish
Nerve Net
true jelly fish contain a _____ instead of a brain!
Instantly/3/1000 of a second
how quickly are the nemacysts of the Box Jellyfish released
Sea Nettle
this jellyfish has four oral arms and long marginal tentacles that hang from the bell
Box Jelly
this jellyfish can swim in bursts of up to 5ft per second
tentacles on some jellyfish can reach lenghts of up to
yes 4 mins
can the poisen of the Box Jellyfish kill a human
jellyfish are members of what phylum
Portuguese Man-Of-War
not considered a "true" jellyfish
Basketball size
how large can the body of a full grown Box Jellyfish be?
how long can the tentacles of the Portuguese Man of War reach?
Shot like sensations and Muscle joint pain
what two symptoms are common after a Portuguese Man Of War sting?
where are nematocysts generally found
how many people were killed by Box Jellyfish in Australia in the last century
3-6 months
jellyfish normally live
Lions Mane
this jellyfish's sting is relatively mild and often described as burning rather than stinging

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