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Marine Biology chp 14question sheet


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What is the difference between sequential and simultaneous hermaphrodites?
Sequentail are organisms born as one sex and later change
What kind of fish provides nourishment for the developing embryo while inside the female?
What are the two main reasons animals migrate?
reproduce and for food
What are two chemical senses
Smell and taste
What is lodestone and how is it used
a compass and tell where to migrate
4 cues used in migration
1. vision 2. chemicals. 3. currents. 4. food ability
Whale hearing range is
From the time a female whale becomes pregnant util she gives birth is known as the
gestation period
Human Hearing range is
What kind of sharks may cannibalize their siblings while in the female?
Mackerel and Dogfish sharks
function in bright light and produce color vision
What is secual dimorphism
a distinct difference in appearence between males and females
What kind of sharks provide nourish through a placenta like connection?
hammer head sharks
How is delayed implantation an advantage
babies are born under best conditions
What is the tympanic bulla
What kind of sharks secrete a uterine milk
Plengic Sharks
function in dim light and produce black and white
Why is grunion reproduction considered to be seasonal?
They lay their eggs after the highest tide. Eggs hatch after the 2 weeks
What is the advantage of being sequential hermaphrodites in polygynous fish?
The biggest male gets his genes passed on
Delayed inplantation in marine mammals

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