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Pharmtech Chapter 13


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Euphoria Dysphoria
___ and ___ produce feeling of well-being and restlessness.
Parasympathetic Nervous System is part of the ANS and Acetylcholine is the only_____
The Afferent System is part of the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS), and is a system of nerves and sense organs that bring information to the ___
muscle cardiac exocrine
Acetylcholine (ACh) acts on receptors in smooth ____, ____ muscle, and ____ glands; anticholinergics block these receptors
____ is a skeletal muscle relxant which reduce muscle tone by preveneting the on going release of calcium from the storage site in the muscle.
Morphine grandfather
Opioid agonists are a group of natural, semi synthetic, and synthetic drugs that interact with specific receptor sites. All other narcotics are evaluated against ___, the ____ of all narcotics
acetylcholine norepinephrine dopamine serotonin
Primary CNS transmitters are ___, ____, ____, and ____
Norepinephrine is a major Neutrotransmitter and acts on alpha and beta-receptors and is blocked by ___ classified as alpha and beta-blockers.
bronchodilation skeletal muscles relax smooth bronchioles GI uterus
Beta-two receptors: Most important actions are ___. Responsible for dilation of blood vessels to ___ ___, ___ ___ muscles of the ____, the ___ tract and the _____.
___ are for Pain Management
Vasoconstriction blood pressures decongestion HBP
Alpha Receptos: Control contraction of blood vessels, dilation of pupils, and relaxation of the GI tract smooth muscle. Most important action is to cause ____, raising _____ ____, but they also cause ___. (This is why decongestants shouldnt be taken by someone with ____)
Headaches come from ____ of cerebral surface vessels
Messages are transported to and from the CNS by ____
Patient controlled analgesic pump
Pain can be regulated by hospitalized patients through the use of a (PCA) pump
Neurotransmitters are chemical substances that are selectively released from ____
Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is part of the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) and controls activities of structures not under ___ control, like respiration, circulation, metabolism, digestion
rhythms breathing
Malignant Hyperthermia deals with sudden raise in body temperature, accompanying iregularities heart ___ and ____
Malignant Hyperthermia is treated with ____.
____ - compulsive disorder leading to continued use of the drug despite harm to the user. More less a psychological need and not a physical. An addictive patient doesnt generally take the medicine as prescribed.
Efferent System is part of the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) and is a system of _____ that dispatch information out from the CNS (two parts)
sedation postoperative amnesia anxiety
Preanesthetic Medications control ____, _____ pain, provide ___, and decrease ____.
Norepinephrine epinephrine
In the Sympathetic Nervous System (which is a component of the ANS), major transmitters include ____, _____ (adrenaline), acetylcholine (ach), and dopamine
Prodrome Aura Headache Headache Relief Postdrome
Classic Migraines have 5 components: ____, _____ (dark holes in visual field, flashing lights, heat waves), ____, ____ ____, and ____.
Chronic Nonmalignant Pain
___ ___ ___ - The pain lasts more than three months (chronic) and may respond poorly to treatment
____ - Alleviate pain and depress the respiratory center
Spinal Cord
CNS includes the brain and ___ ___
___ - Depress respiration about as much as does normal sleep and lessens cardiovascular depression
___ - reduces pain
IV drip
Injectable Anesthetics are administered usually by an ___ _____
_____ - most use preoperative sedative, cause retrograde amnesia, relieve anxiety, act as anticonvulsant, have anti-emetic properties as well as sedative effects
Malignant Pain
___ ___ - accompanies malignant disease and often inceases in severity as the disease progresses.
Acute Pain
__ ___ - easy to manage and disappears when the body heals.
Revex Narcan
____ partially or completely reverses the effects of opiate. The half life is about ten hours compared with one hour for ____
Epinephrine is a major neurotransmitter and acts on cardiac receptors and bronchodilator receptors. It is referred to as ___, the fight-or-flight chemical
Malignant Hyperhermia
All hospitals require that a drug kit for ___ ____ be immediately accessible whenever anesthesia is administered.
___ - a pain-modulating chemical derived from opium (ex: morphine)
alertness mental
Local Anesthetics relieve pain without changing ___ or ____ function.
An agent to reverse neuromuscular blocking agent includes one of several ___ Agents
__- relieves anxiety and causes drowsiness
depression anxiety
Serotonin is a major CNS neurotransmitter implicated in emotional responses to certain stimuli, in conditions of ___ and _____
barbiturates benzodiazepines
Injectable Anesthetics include ___ and _____
Temporary reversible body
Local anesthetics cause a ___ and ___ loss of sensation in a specific aea of the _____
Kidneys dopamine blocking drugs
Dopamine is a major Neurotransmitter and acts on receptors in the CNS and the ____. Dopamine receptors are blocked by specific _____ ____ _____
Heart rate heart
Beta-one receptors: Increase ___- ___ and contractive force of the _____
Neuromuscular Blocking Agents are used with anesthetics to help ___ intubation, insertion of a tube into the trachea (keeps an open airway during anestheia)
Analgesia Sedation Euphoria Dysphoria
____, ____, ____ and ____- are all effects of Narcotics
blood pressure
Inhalant anesthetics reduce ___ ___
cell membrane
Receptors are proteins within the ____ ______
__ an antagonist that competes for the opiate receptor sites
Photophobia Phonophobia
____ and ____ are common Migrain Headaches?
reverse narcoic
Antagonists are used to ____ ____ overdoses whether seen in surgery or not.
____ - patients who are dependent will experience withdrawals when drug therapy is discontinued or when the dose is reduced substantially due to the necessary physical need.
___ antagonizes benzodiazepines
#1 recommended medication for migraine is _____ (Sumatripan)
Unconciousness analgesia skeletal muscle relaxation Amnesia
General Anesthetics are characterized by four reversible actions: ____ (unawareness), ____, ____ and ___ ___, ____ on recovery
There are two components of the ____
Migraine Headaches are severely painful, throbbing, vascular headaches that usually cause ______

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