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70-291 Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Name Resolution.


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What is the purpose of DNS ?
Name Resolution.
What type of zone is used for resolving host names to IP addresses ?
Forward Lookup Zones.
What type of zone is used for resolving IP addresses to host names ?
Reverse Lookup Zones.
What is a Caching-only DNS Server ?
A DNS server that does not host any zones.
What are the different types of zones available on a Windows Server 2003 DNS server ?
-Active Directory Intergrated
-Standard Primary
What type of zone makes a server authoritative fore a zone ?
-Active Directory Intergrated
Where does a Primary zone store zone data ?
In a zone file named zone.dns in the windows\system32\dns directory by default.
Which zone type is read-only copy of a zone ?
Which zone types supports having multiple read-write copies of a zone ?
Active Directory Intergrated.
What is the purpose of a stub zone ?
To dynamically maintain NS records for another zone.
True of False. There should never be two Standard Primary zones for the same zone ?
Why should there never be two Standard Primary Zones for the same zone ?
Primary zones will NEVER accept changes from another location.
Which zone type only exist on a domain controller ?
Active Directory Intergrated.
What are different replication types available for an Active Directory Intergrated zone ?
-To all DNS servers in the Active Directory forest

-To all DNS servers in the Active Directory domain

-To all domain controllers in the Active Directory domain

-To all domain controllers specified in the scope of the following application directory partition.
How are Application Directory partitions created ?
ntdsutil or dnscmd
Which zone replication scope provides the greatest amount of administrative control ? Why ?
Application directory partitions because it requires the administrative process of creating the partitions and enlisting the desired servers.
Are zone transfers allowed by default in Standard Primary zone? If so, to what systems?
Yes, only to those servers listed on the Name Servers tab.
Are zone transers allowed by default in Active Directory Intergrated zones ? if so, to what systems ?
What command line tool used to troubleshoot Active Directory replication can help in troubleshooting DNS replication problems that occur in Active Directory Integrated zones ?
Replication Monitor or replmon.
What is a master DNS server ?
A server that provides DNS data to another system.
What is a slave DNS server ?
A server that accepts DNS data from another system.
What is the Start of Authority ?
The location where a secondary zone optains DNS updates.
What is refresh interval of a DNS zone ?
How often a secondary zone queries its SOA for zone updates.
What is the default refresh interval ?
15 minutes.
When a DNS server is taken offline and brought back online, what can be done to ensure that it can immediately provide accurate responses to client computer requests ?
Right-click the zone and choose Transfer from master.
How can you force a zone update from a secondary zone regardless of whether differences exist in the zones serial numbers?
Reload from master.
Which of the following ensures that there is no unnecessary traffic generated by the DNS servers; Reload from master or Transfer from master ? why ?
Transfer from master because it transfers only the changes.
What DNS feature reduces the convergence time between a master DNS server and a slave DNS server ?
DNS notify.
What DNS zones DO NOT utilize the notify option ?
Active Directory Intergrated zones do no use notify and thus it doesnt need to be configured.
How do two DNS servers identify if there are canges to be transferred ?
By comparing the Serial number value of each zone.
What is an AXFR ?
All zone transfer that transfers all records of zone regardless of the number of changes.
What versions of DNS support only AXFR ?
NT4, Bind 4.9.7, Bind 8.1
What is an IXFR ?
Incremental zone transfer that transfers only the changes made to a zone
What versions of DNS support IXFR ?
Bind 8.2, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003.
What is the "Expires afer" interval ?
The length of time that a DNS zone will continue to offer name resolution without being able to contact its master server for updates.
What is the default "Expires after" interval ?
1 day.
What is TTL ?
Time to live, or the length of time that a record will be cached by system involved in the name resolution process.
What is the default TTL ?
1 hour.
How do you view a client's DNS cache ?
ipconfig /displaydns
How do you clear a client's DNS cache ?
ipconfig /flushdns
When is a good time to use ipconfig /flushdns ?
When a destination system cannot be reached because the IP of the destination system has changed.
What is a dynamic update ?
The ability of a client system to dynamically register/update its own DNS record.
What is a secure dynamic update ?
The ability of a DNS server to verify the AD account for a client before registering its DNS information as well as the mandate that the registrar of a record perform any subsequent updates.
What command will force a client to update its information in the DNS database ?
ipconfig /registerdns
What operating systems support DNS dynamic updates ?
Windows 2000 and higher.
What zone types support DNS dynamic updates ?
Primary and Active Directory Intergrated.
How should a DNS zone be configured to ensure that no client-initiated updates will be performed ?
Configure the DNS zone with a Dynamic update setting of None.
What zone types support secure dynamic updates ?
Active Directory Intergrated.
What is the default dynamic update setting for a Primary zone ?
Do not allow updates.
What is the default dynamic update setting for an Active Directory Intergrated.
Allow only secure.
What should be done to the following zone to make dynamic updates as secure as possible, as well as decrease the start up time for DC's ?
Change the type to Active Directory Integrated and configure Dynamic Update setting to Only secure.
Which DNS/DHCP integration setting allows clients to register their A record while DHCP registers the PTR record ?
Dynamically update DNS A and PTR records only if requested by the DHCP clients.
Which DNS/DHCP intergration setting allows DCHP to register the A and PTR records on behalf of clients ?
Always update DNS A and PTR records.
Which DNS/DHCP integration setting allows DHCP to register the A and PTR for legacy systems?
Dynamically update DNS A and PTR records for DHCP clients that do no request dynamic updates(for example, clients running Windows NT 4.0)
What type of Resource Record is associated with name to IP address resolution ?
Host or A record.
What type of Resource Record is associated with IP address to name resolution ?
Pointer or PTR record.
How can PTR records be easily created for manually created A records ?
On the Host (A) record creating dialog box enable the " Create associated PTR record" option
What type of Resource Record is associated with using an alias for a system ?
Canonical Name or CNAME record.
What type of Resource Record facilitates in server consolidation efforts ?
Canonical Name or CNAME record.
What type of Resource Record is associated with a mail server ?
Mail Exchange or MX record.
How can mail servers be given preference ?
The MX resource records with lower priorites are the preferred mail servers.
What type of resource record identifies important network services like Kerberos, LDAP, or GC ?
Service Locator or SRV records.
What should you do when domain controller's SRV records do not show up in DNS database ?
Restart the NETLOGON service on the domain controller's with the missing records.
What type of record identifies a system as a name server ?
Name Server or NS record.
In what two ways can DNS round robin be configured ?
1.Configure multiple Host (A) records with the same name and different IP addresses.
2.Configure one Host(A)address for each server and congigure multiple CNAME records with the same alias for each Host (A)record.
What type of zone must a DNS server have in order to be considered a name server for that zone ?
Active Directory-Intergrated, Primary, or Secondary.
What type of record should be created in the DNS database to find a printer using a host name ?
host or A record.
Can a DNS server be configured to use a WINS server when a record isn't located ? If so how is this configured ?
Yes, the WINS tab on the properties of a zone allows for the configuration of the "Use WINS forward lookup" option.
What type of record is automatically created when the "Use WINS forward lookup option is configured ?
A WINS Lookup resource record gets added to the DNS database.
What are the root hints ?
The top level Internet servers that start all name resolution.
What is the name of the file that holds the root hints ?
What can be done on non-Internet connected networks to reduce the amount of time it takes to return URL errors ?
Delete the cache.dns file. (removes root hints)
When an internal DNS server is host to a "." (root) zone what happens to client internet access ?
It stops, no more internet access.
What feature of DNS facilitates name resolution across multiple domains by only requiring the destination system's host name ?
DNS Suffix search order.
The DNS suffix search order is configured manually in the TCP/IP properties for a single system or for multiple systems through a ___ ___.
Group Policy Object, GPO.
What should be done when firewall rules prevent DNS queries from being sent to all DNS servers other than your ISP DNS ?
Configure simple forwarding of "All other DNS domains" to the allowed ISP DNS.
What is conditional forwarding ?
Give an example.
Forwarding of name resolution requests to particular servers based upon the name trying to be resolved. For example a DNS server can be configured to forward all name resolution request to the DNS server with IP address of while name resolution for all other DNS domains can be forwarded to
Server1 is configured to send all internet name resolution requests to ServerA. Which server is considered the forwarder ?
Does conditional forwarding incur any type of delay in name resolution of new or updated records ?
No, the local server is querying the remote server immediately and thus has access to all updated records.
Does conditional forwarding dynamically maintain a list of all name servers authoritative for the domain name being conditionally forwarded ?
No, the list of potential servers to forward to must be managed manually.
When attempting name resolution across DNS namespaces how can you ensure that name resolution can come from any authoritative DNS server for the target namespace ?
Use a stub zone since stub zones will perform zone transfers of NS records for a given zone.
Which DNS utility has the ability to query DNS and produce a report of existing zones ?
If the external DNS namespace is identical to the internal Active Directory namespace, what can be done to provide internal clients with name resolution to external resources ?
Manually add resource records for all external resources to the internal DNS server.
What is the purpose of zone delegation ? Provide example.
To divide up a namespace between multiple DNS servers. For example, a parent domain DNS zone of might be configured with the NS and A (glue) resource records that identify a different server as being authoritative for the child domain.
How should a zone delegation be configured to a child domain named training which has a DNS server named located at
Type the fully qualified domain name of the system hosting the zone and enter its IP Address.
Will a zone delegation dynamically maintain information about new name servers ?
What DNS command line utility allows for the identification of the DNS server for particular names and IP addresses ?
What type of zone does NSLOOKUP rely on ?
Reverse Lookup Zone.
What NSLOOKUP command would enumerate all SRV resource records in a zone named ?
What NSLOOKUP command would enumberate all resource records for a zone named ?
What must be done in order enumerate multiple records from a zone by using the NSLOOKUP utility?
The system where the NSLOOKUP query is executed must be allowed to perform a zone transfer.
How can a record be kept of when a DNS server sends notification of available updates ?
Enable Debug Logging on the DNS server. Configure it to log Notifications.
In order to install Active Directory DNS must support what feature ?
Service Locator (SRV) records.
What versions of DNS support SRV records ?
NT4 with SP4, Bind 4.9.7, Bind 8.1, Bind 8.2, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003.

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