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Eastern Hemisphere Grade 6


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What is Ice Age?
A long period in the past that lasted for million of years; glacier covered much of the earth.
A great sheet of slowly moving ice.
Old Stone Age
Earliest period of human culture, beginning about two million years ago and lasting until about 8,000 B.C.
person who travels from place to place in search of food.
New Stone Age
A period in social development that started about 8,000 B.C., in which people first domesticated animals, farmed the land, and lived in settled communities.
to tame wild animals that roamed the land
to prepare and use land for raising crops.
people are trained to do a particular kind of work.
a person skilled in crafts such as carving or tool-making; craftsworker.
the use of skills and tools to serve human needs.
record of what has happended in the past.
What marked the beginning of the New Stone Age?
the period of time before writing began.
objects that were made by people long ago, such as tools and pottery.
study of the remains of past cultures.
primary sources
first-hand account of an event. Examples: an official document, a diary, or a letter.
secondary sources
writings about the past that are based on information from primary sources. Example: Your Social Studies Book.
What are the 3 basic needs of everyone?
food, clothing, and shelter
In the Old Stone Age what do people do?
they were hunters and gatherers
What did the New Stone Age mark?
the beginning of village life and rapid growth of technology.
In the New Stone Age what made is possible for people to specialize?
Food Supply. The temperatures were warmer and people could plant and raise animals.
Why are historians and archaelogists interested in finding out about the past?
To help us understand the world we live in.
What are two ways in which deer herds filled the basic needs of peole during the Old Stone Age?
deer meat for food, and deer hide for clothing.
How did the end of the Ice Age affect the growth of society?
society no longer needed to travel as the climate warm and people could grow crops and raise animals. No need to travel from place to place any longer. Villages were formed.
What two major benefits did the domestication of animals bring to the New Stone Age people?
People were provided with meat, milk, and hides. The animals also helped people move their belongings and carry heavy loads.
How did the village of Catal Huyuk become a center of trade?
Craftworkers (artisans) made goods that others wanted to trade for so traders came from all over Asia Minor to trade goods.
What is the work of a historian?
They write about events that occurred long ago after proving the facts. All parts must be supported with evidence.
A group of people bound together by the same cultures.
Beliefs or ideas that guide the way people live.
Belief in GOD or GODS
Catal Huyuk
A village in the New Stone Age where they cultivated, specialized and domesticated.

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