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History final exam/ fall semester


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echonomics of the middle ages a lord has a manor that a steward runs they make the rules, the craftmen make crapthey get work and food, serfs are slvaes bound to their land, ant marry without permission and are isolated this is a self-suffiecent village
9768-814) he has military skill he is charismatic, 1772 lombards invade the papal states and he saves the pope and the papal states the pope crowns him THE EMPEROR OF THE ROMANS, he imports foreign technology (stirrups) and literacy
richard 3
1483-1483 last platagenat king
prevailed in thomas' time its a combines pagan philosphpy to christianity
the most important germanic tribe they settle in gaul they make FRENCH
a germanic kingdom they control all of italy they perserve roman culture until the byzantines take over
watches over the lords manor and makes the rules
architect emphasize power very broad and solid
Holy roman empire
otto 1st made this he iis crowned emperor of the romans , a loos alliance of feudal lords no stability the emperor is weak tHIS PREVENTS THE UNIFICATION OF GERAMY AND ITALY
henry VII
first tutor king 1485-1513
The great western schism
a division of loyalites 2 popes one in sout france and in rome a 3rd pope of cardinals in 1417 they elect one pope who is very weak
the hundred years war
1336 france defeats england
an agricultural community, self-sufficent
a skilled employee at age 16
the bubonic plague
1348 came from trade with asia kills 1/3 of europe
Pepin the short
1st king to have his coronation through the pope he takes over the lombards and gives the pope the PAPAL STATES
has manors, is incharge, and the manors have 3 partsthe fallow field, autum field and spring field, corvey is forced labor for the lord
trianed to be artisans at age 7
a new orders that works for charities with ordianry people especially the poor
the huns 9horse guys)they invade england
Council of Nicea
in 325 it combats arianism with the Nicene Creed which states what the christian faith is this is the beginning of catholic christianity the corect teaching
edict of milan
makes christianity legal in 313
William 1 of england
"the conqueror" duke of normandy invades england in 1066 in THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS becomes the king of england he has a national army that is only loyal to him and he makes a national census of poeple and property called DOMESDAY BOOK
The donation of pepin
he gives the pope central italy a.k.a. the PAPAL STATES
a trade union for artisans restricted membership they provideTRAINING fror new members, then APPRENTICE, then JOURNEYMAN, then at age 21 MASTER, they make sure they make GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS, ELIMINATE COMPETITION BY PRICE FIXING, they create WELFARE for widows, and GOVERNEMENT causing feusalism and manorilsm to go down
common law
henry 2 makes this a law for the entire kingdom the nobles power dwindles
Charles Martel
737-741 he is a ruler in 732 The battle of tour he crushed the arab invasions, the father of many kings
481-511 king of the franks, a brutal son of a ***** , he unifies the franks, he is CATHOLICthe 1st king to say he is
ruled from 285-305 he thought christians made the gods mad so he ordered the 2nd persecution of christiansin 303
made by Arius he did not believe Jesus was divine and he is not God
54-69 he is a retard with power in rome he killed his mom, he is unpopular and he commites suicide before the angry mobs kill him he also started the first persecution of christians
Thomas Acquinas
made universities to let people learn the 2 important universites r in PARIS AND BOLOGNA
this is a class that lives in the town, most important social class
a new order they know church stuff good at book learning and r administraters of the catholic church
is a military person for the lord they get land from this lord they get food and are bound to the land not the lord
the church in the west is known as this
the po;itical system of the middle ages that ivolves vassals, fiefs, lords, kings and personal contracts, local rule, the king has little power most of the power goes to nobility.
the wars of the roses
in france is won by the tudors
The magna carta
john of engalnd is unpopular an foreced to sign this it says the power of the king may be limited by law (nobles trying to get power back)this is the foundation of democracy
wrote the Divine Comedy made italian books popular
edward 1st
1272-1307 good at war and politics creates PARLIMENT this works but the parlimant gets confidant and asks the king for favors THEY BECOME THE LAW MAKING BODY the king needs parliment for the money
a nasty people they share italy with the byzantines they make ITALIAN a germanic tribe
a slave bound to the lords land they get food and work and r isolated and cant marry without permission
John of england
1199-1216 a prick a bad warrior, he signed the MAGNA CARTA, he was killed a lster by a monk
is teaching condemed by the church
379-395 makes christianity the ONLYlegal religion in roman empire, he wanted to unify religion but christianity became divided
a represenitive political body 2 branches the LORDS who speak for the nobility COMMONS speak for pheasants , they r a money gathering tool for the king but THEY BECOME THE LAW MAKING BODY
the holy inquisition
1184 they investigate and supress heresy only christianity is aloud
Pax Romana
from 30 bc-180AD a time of peace and stability, a great roman life
philosophy that man is worth studying physically and philiosophically
the 2nd germanic kingdom they settle in spain they invented SPANISH
Henry 2
1st king of the PLANTAGENET DYNASTY most powerful man in medevil europe he marries ELEANOR OF ACQUITANE they get the ANGEVIN EMPIRE he is the model of a medevil monarch, dies of natural causes and an important legal reformer
The hapsburgs dynasty
1272 they r from austria they keep the emperor strong until 1919
is a split in the catholic church they split because of QUARRELS IN AUTHORITY into the west and the east
BAttle of Adrianople
rome loses and the west is taken over by barbarians who sack rome in 376
the crusades
1080-1292 arabs move into jerusalem , they wanted them out of the holy land so they attcaked butally, it was popular because of RELIGOUS ENTHUSIASM and U GET LAND IF U WIN, lasts 200 years they r brutal, a failure, but it is important because they like TRADE WITH ASIA now and they start exploring
at age 21, he can open a shop in his own name , he is highly honored
312-327 a very good generqal and emperorhemakes the EDICT OF MILAN to make christianity legal, a turning point and christianity grows
The byzantine empire
the east roman empire 476-1453 they speak greek they r no longer really roman
is a piece of land given to a vassal from a lord
Romulus Augustulus
476 last roman emperor but he is german and 16 years old he soon leaves
niccolo machaivelli
wanted italy to be unified do what is necessary to stay in power thats what he thoght and he wrote "the prince"`
the church in the east is known as this
is evryday speech you writein latin, spanish french italian more often not so much latin
painted the CISTINE CHAPEL and was good at sculpting, painting and architecture a true renassiance man
the patriarch in the east respond to the west with this saying the east is only accountable to the emperor not the west
very tall, spirally designed to attrtact people (architect)

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