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History Chapter 12 Final


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a group of unarmed ships surrounded by armed ships(for protection) crossing the Atlanic ocean
How US helped win the war
helped French save paris, stopped Germany's advance, and pushed german troops back until they retreated
military innovations
tanks, U-boats and zeppelins
daylight savings time
Turning the clock ahead one hour to increase time to work and save energy
4 causes of WW1
Imperialism, nationalism, militarism, alliances
Any speech or action that encourages rebellion. The 1918 Sedition Act made it illegal to citicize the government. Violated the !st Amendment.
Treaty of Versailles
The peace treaty signed that ended WWI and decided how Europe would function and Germany be treated after the war.
Sussex Pledge
Germany promised U-boats would warn ships before attacking
American Expeditionary Force which was volunteers and National Guardsmen who fought in WW1
33 billion dollars Germany had to pay the Allies
Fourteen Points
Wilson's goals for keeping peace after the war.
First 3 months of war
Stalemate between Britsh and French troops and German trrops in France at the River Marne
organized killing of an entire people (Armemians were genocide victims during the war)
AEF Leader
General John Pershing
Liberty or War Bond
Sold to pay for the war these bonds were bought by individuals to show their patiotism. Could be redeemed later with interest.
How liberties were restricted during the war
The press was censored, immigrants had to pass a literacy test, high schools stopped teaching German; German books, composers and musicians were banned; and the Sedition Act made it illegal to criticize the government.
American reaction to the League of Nations and Versailles Treaty
Congress was afraid the League of Nations would get the US into foreign wars it didn't want. Congress voted to disregard the Versailles Treaty. The US signed its own peace treaty with Germany.
The Great Migration
African Americans who left the south and went to work in northern factories while the regular workers were fighting the war
spark for WWII
assination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austro-Hungarian Empire
League of Nations
Organization of nations to join together for security and peace. One of Wilson's Fourteen points
Spoils of War
Rewards of winning a war

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