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APHG 3rd Quarter Exam Review


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popularity of national parks in Costa Rica
example of ecotourism
in terms of tonnage, is the leading export crop in the world
the prescence of waterways
Prior to 1850, the location of all major North American cities was related chiefly to
___________ did not have long lasting colonialism in Africa in 1920
manufacturing outsourcing plants
cultural landscape
the forms superimposed on the physical environment by the activities of humans
periodization is to history
regionalization is to geography as
Rank-size rule
a pattern of settlements in a country, such that the nth largest settlement is 1/n the population of the largest settlement
environmental determinism
temperate regions have the most productive settlements
Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan
the 4 Asian economic tigers
the EU
has fostered the most economic growth by eliminating import tariffs between member states
the greatest linguistic fragmentation is in the realm of
the clustering of doctor's offices and pharmacies near hospitals is best explained by
Law of the Sea
The UN has set the _____ ____ _____ ______ at 12 nautical miles
New Zealand
has low population growth
In the early 21st century, the largest number of refugees was located in
per capita income
the literacy rate of any country correlates most closely with the
the poles
lines of longitude meet at
rural to urban migration
greatest in the 19th to 20th century in intraregional areas worldwide
an increase in the use of energy and technology
dramatic increases in global grain production since 1950 have been made possible by
is a problem associated with Africa
Rostow's modernization model
is concerned with economic development
Southwest Asia
The 3 monotheistic religions of the world originated in
Core-Periphery Model
describes relationship of power and transfer of resources from less to more developed countrie
land parcels in the American Midwest tend to be rectilinear
____________________________ because of the federal survey system adopted in the late 18th century which imposed a geometric pattern on the landscape
The United States
consumes the most fossil fuels per capita population
computer chip industry
an example of a footlose industry
Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana
the largest concentrations of Amish are found in
the science of mapmaking
the EU, Arab League, and United Nations
supranational organizations
is a characteristicof shifting agriculture
example of ethnic religion
aging population
most characteristic of societies in the last stage of the Demographic Transition Model
size of a map's smallest discernable unit
nickel smelting
locates close to the source of raw materials
refrigerated ships
In the first half of the 21st century, ________ ______ facilitated the transportation of beef over long distances to global markets
quaternary economic activities
are those that involve the collection, processing, and manipulation of information
urban center
Is disproportionately larger than the 2nd largest city, and it dominates the country's social, political, and economic activities as a primate city
has few people per unit of arable lands
is reshaping traditional economic arrangements by expanding the importance of express package delivery systems
architects and planners from the City Beautiful Movement
have introduced beauty and imposed order in chaotic industrial cities
shatter belt
an area of instability between regions with opposing political and cultural values
_________ was probably domesticated earliest in Southeastern Turkey
overharvesting of breeding stock for commercial fishermen
is an immediate concern to policy makers in New England
Industrial Revolution
spanned vast manufacturing centers
Christaller's model of central place
useful for describing a settlement node whose primary function is to provide support for the population in its hinterland
hearths of early agriculture
the first cities arose in
importance of belief systems shaping early cities
alignment of ancient Chinese cities towards the cardinal directions best illustrates
Von Thunen's Law
emphasizes factors of agricultural land based on transportation and rental costs
is an area in Canada for the native peoples
agriculture practiced in California
____________ __________ _____ __________________ uses more irrigation on farms than in other Mediterranean Agriculture regions
refers to the fragmentation of a region into smaller units
a single person at the age of 25
describes the population group that is most likely to migrate
__________ is an important gateway city
subsistence farming
production of agricultural products destined primarily for direct consumption by the producer
world cities
international company headquarters, significant global financial functions, and a polarized social structure are defining characteristics of
is a fragmented state
transportation characterized by low terminal cost, high line cost, and high route flexibility
modern architecture
stresses efficiency and geometrical order
corporate farms have gained a greater advantage over the family farm
because of improvements in transportation and systems of agriculture
Sector Model of North American cities
members of low income groups tend to live in linear residential areas radiating from the city's center outward
colonial cities
some prominent Native American cities later became
_______ is a country in which the majority of the people are Shiite Muslim
less developed countries
one would expect to find a population with a relatively young age structure in
the colonial countries were export oriented
most South American population centers are located at or near the coast because
popular culture
incorporates traits that diffuse quickly to a wide variety of places
cultural diffusion
the process by which cultural characteristics or cultural patterns spread from one group of people to another and from one culture to another

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