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Sub-Saharan Africa Vocabulary Terms

These are the Sub-Saharan Africa terms for the Geography quiz on Tuesday, Feb. 12th.


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Transforming of arable land into desert (examples: Sahara & Sahel)
Arable Land
Land suitable for growing crops
Commercial Farming
Farming organized as a business
Literacy Rate
The ability to read & write
A plateau with a steep slope
Lingua Franca
The universal language (Swahili)
Washing away of the nutrients in the soil by heavy rain
A large group of people related to each other
A large waterfall
Oral History
History passed down orally from generation to generation
Extended Families
Households made up of several generations
An area with conditions suitable for certain plants or animals to live
Ethnic Groups
People with similar histories & cultures
Tropical grasslands containing scattered trees
Cash Crops
Crops grown for a profit
Middle Passage
The name given to the trip taken by slave ships across the Atlantic Ocean
Subsistence Farming
Agriculture that provides just for the needs of a family or village
Per Capita Income
Average income per year per person
Shifting Farming
Method in which farmers move every one to three years to find better soil
Animals or plants that are gone completely from the earth
Sedentary Farming
Farming conducted at permanent settlements

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