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informal sources
get their information and opinions from daily life and experiences. easiest too find, most complex to interpret, give color, interesting anecdotes, but it is not solid and informed input
reactions to the communicator
selective perception
selective recall
institutional bias
ego-involved bias
inaccurate observation
bulletin board, don't have to be a member to post a message
discussion lists
subscribe for free to the list, messages will come into your e-mail, self-regulating
found on many news and corporate websites, can discuss stories products, issue, etc.
private institutions
funeded with money and other resources from private individuals acting singly or in assocation with one another.
public institutions
funded with tax money and other resources from local, state, and federal governments.

governments, international agencies
the danger in using institutional sources
overwhelmed by the quantity and complexity of it all.

however, they are reliable, accurate, and complete in their information-producing and disseminating functions. it probably won't be neutral however.
media kits versus news releases
media kits are promotional and informational: photos video bio, contact lists, designed to make it into a news story or ad. the goal is to get their pov accepted.

news releases inform of events: press conferences, stock offerings. can also try to get pov accepted
policy documents
treatises on certain issues
evaluation reports
gao does audits and give info on gov programs. reports that are too comprehensive for news outlets to conduct.
regularly scan news releases or by visiting their websites

involves observation
search documents using relevant tools
private companies not required to. . .
file public reports on their financial condition.
psychographic, demographic, and media use
mediamark research MRI and simmons study of media and markets

both published in electronic form
psychographic information
VALS: values and lifestyles
trade associations
encyclopedia of associations
ASAE Gateway

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