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What does DARPA stand for?
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
What does a PROXY server do?
Provides access to the internet for the computers connected to it.
What are the programs called that serach engines use to build their databases?
Web Robots, Bots or Spiders.
What is USENET?
Users News Service. It is a network of computers called news servers.
What Boolean operators can be used in a web search?
What is IRC?
Internet Relay Chat.
What is contained in the message body of an Email?
The main text of the message.
What is a mailing list?
A list of names and e-mail addresses for a group of people who share a common interest in a subject or topic.
What is HTML.
Hypertext Markup Language. Uses tags to tell browser software how to display text.
What are two of the most basic commands in FTP?
Get and Put.
What are the four parts of a URL?
Transfer Protocol
Domain Name
What are the two options for logging on to an FTP server?
Anonymous FTP. Normally cannot be used to uipload files to a server.
Full Privileged (or secure) FTP. Requires a username and password.
What is a Hyperlink?
A hyperlink or link is a connection between the various pages that make up a web site. Could be in the form of text or graphics. Allows the user to move from one page to another in a web site or to connect to other web sites.
What is a NAP?
Network access point.
What organization created NSFNET?
The National Science Foundation.
What kind of program is used to communicate with news servers?
Newsreader software. Most email programs include newsreader software.
Name two types of search questions.
Specific and Exploratory.
What FTP command is used to change the local directory?
What resources can be used to search the web?
Search engines, Directories and Hybrid search engines, Meta-search engines and other resources such as guides, resource lists and clearing houses.
What fields are contained in the message header of an email?
What is IMAP?
Internet Access Message Protocol - Handles retrieiving of messages from a mail server (several locations).
When using anonymous FTP, when the user is prompted for a username and password how should they repsond?
Type ANONYMOUS for username
and enter the users email address for the password.
What is MIME?
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions - Encodes non-text data so that it can be transfered over the Internet.
What does an EXCHANGE server do?
Acts as an Email server.
What is POP?
Post Office Protocol - Handles incoming messages.
What are two ways indications that the web page you are viewing is secure?
The transfer protocol is HTTPS and there is a locked padlock in the status bar
What is SMTP?
Simple Mail Transport Protocol - Handles outgoing mail or how mail is sent to another user.
What does USENET stand for?
Users News Network.
What are the two most popular web browsers on the market today?
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Netscape Navigator

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