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Network + Review Questions


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A _________________________ is a group of computers and other devices that are
connected by some type of transmission media.
In a _________________________ network, every computer can communicate
directly with any other computer.
What describes a network of computers and other devices
that is confined to a relatively small space, such as one building or even one office?
The _________________________ is the main circuit that controls the computer.
_________________________ ensure that data are transferred whole, in sequence, and without error from one node on the network to another.
True or false? A network’s communication services allow remote users to connect to
the network.
True or false? To function as a server, the computer must be running a network operating
True or false? Networks cannot extend beyond the boundaries of a building.
True or false? LANs typically connect separate offices in the same organization,
whether they are across town or around the world from each other.
True or false? Each network device must have a unique address so that data can be
transmitted reliably to and from that device.
A(n) _________________________ is a computer installed with the appropriate software
to supply Web pages to many different clients upon demand.
Web Server
The term _________________________ refers to those skills that are not easily measurable,
such as customer relations, oral and written communications, dependability,
teamwork, and leadership abilities.
Soft Skills
_________________________ is the process of mastering material pertaining to a
particular hardware system, operating system, programming language, or other software
application, and then proving your mastery by passing a series of exams.
_________________________ coordinate the storage and transfer of e-mail between
users on a network.
Mail Services
_________________________ refers to the capability of a server to share data files,
applications, and disk storage space.
File Services
_________________________ are documented agreements containing technical specifications
or other precise criteria that stipulate how a particular product or service
should be designed or performed.
_________________________ is an organization composed of more than a thousand
representatives from industry and government who together determine standards for
the electronics industry and other fields, such as chemical and nuclear engineering,
Protocols at the _________________________ layer accept Application layer data
and format it so that one type of application and host can understand data from
another type of application and host.
_________________________ is a networking technology originally developed at
Xerox in the early 1970s and improved by Digital Equipment Corporation, Intel, and
_________________________ is a method of identifying segments that belong to the
same group of subdivided data.
True or false? By default, Ethernet networks cannot accept packets with data payloads larger than 1500 bytes.
True or false? At the Network layer, protocols add a header to the front of each packet
and a trailer to the end of each packet to make frames.
True or false? Using frames reduces the possibility of lost data or errors on the network.
True or false? IEEE networking specifications apply to connectivity, networking media, error checking algorithms, encryption, and emerging technologies.
True or false? The system that assigns unique identification numbers to devices on a network is known as sequencing.
_________________________ protocols ensure that data arrives exactly as it was sent
by establishing a connection with another node before they begin transmitting data.
Transport layer protocols break large data units received from the Session layer into multiple smaller units called _________________________.
Network layer addresses are also called _________________________.
Virtual addresses or Logical
The _________________________ is the lowest, or first, layer of the OSI model.
Physical layer
_________________________ layer services manage data encryption and decryption.
A wave’s _________________________ is a measure of its strength at any given point
in time.
A(n) ________________________ is a distinct communication path between nodes.
The most common way to measure latency on data networks is by calculating a
packet’s ________________________.
Rount-Trip Time
A(n) ________________________ issues and receives wireless signals with equal
strength and clarity in all directions.
Omni-directional Antenna
A(n) _________________________ is a device that accepts wireless signals from
multiple nodes and retransmits them to the rest of the network.
Access Point
True or false? A noisy circuit spends more time compensating for the noise, and therefore has fewer resources available for transmitting data.
True or false? A populated segment is a part of a network that connects two network devices, such as hubs.
True or false? 100BASE-FX requires multimode fiber containing at least two strands of fiber.
True or false? Backbone wiring provides interconnection between telecommunications
closets, equipment rooms, and entrance facilities.
True or false? Multiplexing is the diffusion, or the reflection in multiple directions, of a signal.
The distance between corresponding points on a wave’s cycle is called its
_________________________ is a term used by network professionals to describe the
non-data information that must accompany data in order for a signal to be properly
routed and interpreted by the network.
_________________________ occurs when a signal traveling on one wire or cable
infringes on the signal traveling over an adjacent wire or cable.
_________________________ cable consists of twisted wire pairs that are not only
individually insulated, but also surrounded by a shielding made of a metallic substance, such as foil.
STP (Shielded Twisted-Pair)
_________________________ is the capacity for a component or system to continue
functioning despite damage or partial malfunction.
Fault Tolerance
A _________________________ is a rule that governs how networks communicate.
_________________________ is a Network layer protocol that obtains the MAC address of a host, or node, then creates a database that maps the MAC address to the
host’s IP address.
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
_________________________ contain databases of associated names and IP
addresses and provide this information to resolvers on request.
Name servers
The _________________________ provides a means of resolving NetBIOS names to
IP addresses.
Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS)
_________________________ is the process of assigning one network component to
work with another.
True or false? All protocols are routable.
True or false? TCP ensures reliable delivery through sequencing and checksums.
True or false? TCP is a connectionless transport device.
True or false? Every process on a machine is assigned a port number.
True or false? IPv6 addresses are composed of eight 16-bit fields and total 32 bits.
_________________________ allows one device to send data to a specific group of
A(n) _________________________ is a special 32-bit number that, when combined
with a device’s IP address, informs the rest of the network about the segment or network to which it is attached.
Subnet Mask
_________________________ are any hosts on the Internet that need to look up
domain name information.
_________________________ is a terminal emulation protocol used to log on to
remote hosts using the TCP/IP protocol suite.
The _________________________ is a simple Application layer protocol used to
synchronize the clocks of computers on a network.
Network Time Protocol (NTP)
_________________________ are connectivity devices that enable a workstation,
server, printer, or other node to receive and transmit data over the network media.
NIC (Neowrk Interface Cards)
A computer’s _________________________ is the circuit, or signaling pathway, used
by the motherboard to transmit data to the computer’s components, including its
memory, processor, hard disk, and NIC.
_________________________ is a standard interface used to connect multiple types
of peripherals, including modems, mice, audio players, and NICs.
_________________________ are physically designed to be linked with other hubs in
a single telecommunications closet.
Stackable hubs
_________________________ are connectivity devices that subdivide a network into
smaller logical pieces.
True or false? All peripheral devices are connected to a computer’s motherboard via an
expansion slot or peripheral bus.
True or false? A device’s base I/O port cannot be used by any other device.
True or false? A repeater is limited in function but not in scope.
True or false? A switch running in cut-through mode will read a frame’s header and
decide where to forward the data before it receives the entire packet.
True or false? A router is a multiport connectivity device that directs data between
nodes on a network.
A(n) ________________________ is a small, removable piece of plastic that contains
a metal receptacle.
A(n) _________________________ is a message to the computer that instructs it to
stop what it is doing and pay attention to something else.
Interrupt Request
The _________________________ indicates, in hexadecimal notation, the area of
memory that the NIC and CPU will use for exchanging, or buffering, data.
Memory Range
A(n) _________________________ is a connector that plugs into a port, such as a
serial or parallel or an RJ-45 port, and crosses over the transmit line to the receive line so that outgoing signals can be redirected into the computer for testing.
Loopback plug (loopback adapter)
A(n) _________________________ is a logically or physically distinct Ethernet network
segment on which all participating devices must detect and accommodate data
Collision domain
A _________________________ topology does not specify device types, connectivity
methods, or addressing schemes for the network.
The term _________________________ topology refers to the way in which data is
transmitted between nodes, rather than the physical layout of the paths that data
In _________________________, a connection is established between two network
nodes before they begin transmitting data.
Circuit Switching
_________________________ is a network technology whose standards were originally
specified by ANSI in the mid-1980s and later refined by ISO.
_________________________ is an ITU networking standard describing Data Link
layer protocols for both network access and signal multiplexing.
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
True or false? In a bus topology, every node on the network is connected through a
central device, such as a hub or a switch.
True or false? Packets need not follow each other along the same path, nor must they
arrive at their destination in the same sequence as when they left.
True or false? In active scanning, the station transmits a special frame, known as a probe, on all available channels within its frequency range.
True or false? 802.11g is a mobile wireless networking standard that uses FHSS RF
signaling in the 2.4 GHz band.
False - DSSS
True or false? Quality of Service is a standard that specifies that data will be delivered within a certain period of time after it is sent.
A(n) _________________________ topology consists of a single cable connecting all
nodes on a network without intervening connectivity devices.
A(n) _________________________ consists of a number of connectivity devices connected
to a series of central connectivity devices, such as hubs, switches, or routers, in
a hierarchy.
Distributed Backbone
A network’s _________________________ is its method of controlling how network
nodes access the communications channel.
Access Method
_________________________ enables multiple nodes to simultaneously transmit and
receive data over different logical network segments.
Switched Ethernet
In _________________________, a 3-byte packet, called a token, is transmitted from
one node to another in a circular fashion around the ring.
Token Passing
A WAN in which each site is directly connected to no more than two other sites in a
serial fashion is known as a _________________________.
Bus Topology WAN
_________________________ is an updated, digital version of X.25 that relies on
packet switching.
Frame Relay
A _________________________ modulates outgoing signals and demodulates
incoming signals.
Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
wire pairs (one for transmitting and one for receiving) to divide a single channel into multiple channels.
True or false? Frame Relay guarantees reliable delivery of packets.
True or false? A T1 circuit can carry the equivalent of 672 voice or data channels.
False - T3 can though.
True or false? On a typical T1-connected data network, the terminal equipment will
consist of switches, routers, or bridges.
True or false? Cable modems operate at the Physical and Data Link layer of the OSI
Model, and therefore do not manipulate higher-layer protocols, such as IP or IPX.
True or false? A SONET ring begins and ends at the telecommunications carrier’s
A(n) _________________________ is a network that traverses some distance and
usually connects LANs, whether across the city or across the nation.
_________________________ is an analog, packet-switched technology designed for
long-distance data transmission and standardized by the ITU in the mid-1970s.
A(n) _________________________ converts digital signals into analog signals for use
with ISDN phones and other analog devices.
TA (Terminal Adapters)
A(n) _________________________ is the creation of a communications channel for a
transmission from an earth-based transmitter to an orbiting satellite.
_________________________ is an international standard, originally established by
the ITU in 1984, for transmitting digital signals over the PSTN.
ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
To better organize and manage objects, a network administrator places objects in
Organizational Units
_________________________ is the ability of a processor to perform many different
operations in a very brief period of time.
A _________________________ is a routine of sequential instructions that runs until
it has achieved its goal.
_________________________ is the original PC file system that was designed in the
1970s to support floppy disks and, later, hard disks.
_________________________ is the name that uniquely identifies an object within a
Relative Distinguished Name
True or false? A redirector belongs to the Presentation layer or the OSI Model.
True or false? A FAT16 partition or file cannot exceed 2 GB.
True or false? FAT is secure, reliable, and makes it possible to compress files so that they take up less space.
True or false? NTFS keeps a log file of system activity to facilitate recovery if a system crash occurs.
True or false? In Internet terminology, domain model refers to the complete database of hierarchical names used to map IP addresses to their hosts’ names.
_________________________ involves associating a letter, such as M: or T:, with a disk, directory, or other resource.
The _________________________ account is a predefined user account that has the
most extensive privileges for resources both on the computer and on the domain that it controls.
The term _________________________ refers to the RAM chips that are installed
on the computer’s system board and whose sole function is to provide memory to that
Physical Memory
The _________________________ lists all computer components proven to be compatible
with Windows Server 2003.
HCL (Hardware Compatibility List)
The relationship between two domains in which one allows the other to authenticate
its users is known as a(n) _________________________.
Trust Relationship
Versions of UNIX that come from Bell Labs are known as
System V
On a Linux or Solaris system, the _________________________ command creates a
new group ID and makes the group available for use.
Any modern client running the TCP/IP protocol suite will be capable of connecting
to a UNIX-type of host via _________________________.
_________________________ is equivalent to using wildcards in Windows and
File Globbing
Every UNIX-type system contains full documentation of UNIX commands in the
Manual Pages
True or false? The SCO Group is the company that owns the rights to the UNIX
source code.
True or false? Any UNIX-type of operating system can act as a workstation or server
operating system.
True or false? Most current UNIX-type systems use a 16-bit addressing scheme that
enables programs to access 4 GB of memory.
True or false? Every file and directory on a UNIX-type of system is owned by exactly
one user and is a member of exactly one group.
True or false? UNIX modules make it possible to create sequences of commands that
might require custom programming on other systems.
The core of all UNIX-type systems is called the _________________________.
A(n) _________________________ is a file that contains instructions for performing
a specific task, such as reading data from and writing data to a hard drive.
Kernel Module
Apple’s _________________________ is the native file system for Mac OS X Server.
A program that accepts the commands you type on the keyboard and runs the commands
for you is called a(n) _________________________.
Command interpreter
In UNIX, two or more commands connected by a pipe are called a(n)
The _________________________ tool is used to access console commands through
a Web browser on another computer on the network.
Remote Manager
A(n) _________________________ consists of the objects, classes, and properties a
network typically needs.
Base Schema
Each object in an eDirectory has a _________________________ that indicates
where that object belongs in the tree.
_________________________ is Novell’s tool for integrating eDirectory and Windows
Active Directory or Windows NT domain data.
Typeful and Typeless
True or false? IntraNetWare was the first version of NetWare to supply Internet-related services, such as Web server software, IP address management, and FTP hosting.
True or false? Both Active Directory and eDirectory treat every networked resource as a separate object with distinct attributes, or properties.
True or false? The eDirectory tree must have at least two roots.
True or false? A home directory is a directory on the server where a user can store files.
True or false? LDAP notation uses periods to separate organization and organizational
unit names.
NetWare’s _________________________ is responsible for overseeing all critical
server processes.
_________________________ are routines that enable the server to run a range of
programs that offer a variety of services, such as protocol support and Web publishing.
Netware Loadable Modules (NLMs)
_________________________ is a NetWare 6.5 server’s graphical desktop that is
loaded by default when the server starts.
X Server
A server running NetWare 6.5 and using NSS may have up to four partitions, and
one of them must be a(n) _________________________ partition.
_________________________ is NetWare 6.5’s directory database.
_________________________ separates a network into multiple logically defined
A(n) _________________________ facilitates communication between different networks
or subnets.
_________________________ is a simple subprotocol, incapable of doing anything
more than transporting mail or holding it in a queue.
The _________________________ utility displays TCP/IP statistics and details
about TCP/IP components and connections on a host.
On networks that run NetBIOS over TCP/IP, the _________________________
utility can provide information about NetBIOS statistics and resolve NetBIOS names to their IP addresses.
True or false? By making bits that previously were used for host information represent
network information, you reduce the number of bits available for identifying hosts.
True or false? One reason for hiding IP addresses is to add a marginal amount of
security to a private network when it is connected to a public network.
True or false? A network that uses Internet-like services and protocols to exchange
information within an organization and with certain authorized users outside of that organization is known as an intranet.
True or false? The Post Office Protocol is a Transport layer protocol used to retrieve messages from a mail server.
True or false? Voice over IP is the use of packet-switched networks and the TCP/IP
protocol to transmit voice conversations.
To calculate a host’s network ID given its IP address and subnet mask, you follow a
logical process of combining bits known as _________________________.
A network or part of a network that uses browser-based services to exchange information within an enterprise is known as a(n) _________________________.
The utility that allows you to query the DNS registration database and obtain information about a domain name is called _________________________.
The _________________________ utility uses ICMP to trace the path from one networked
node to another, identifying all intermediate hops between the two nodes.
On Unix-type systems, the _________________________ utility allows you to modify
TCP/IP settings for a network interface, release and renew DHCP-assigned addresses, or simply check the status of your machine’s TCP/IP settings.
_________________________ assign unique identifying numbers to each problem, in
addition to identifying the caller, the nature of the problem, the time necessary to
resolve it, and the nature of the resolution.
Call Tracking System
A _________________________ is a software-based tool that continually monitors
network traffic from a server or workstation attached to the network.
Network Monitor
A _________________________ is a record of how the network operates under normal
Which of the following is a device that handles electrical signals mproperly, usually affecting the rest of the network?
A _________________________ is a tool that can be used to assess the quality of a
wireless signal.
Spectrum Analyzer
True or false? The time frequency with which a problem occurs can reveal subtle network problems.
True or false? An excellent way to learn more about the causes of a problem is to
recreate the symptoms.
True or false? Physical connectivity problems typically result in software application
anomalies, the inability to use a single application, poor network performance, and
software licensing errors.
True or false? Whether you are a one-person network support team or one of 100 network
technicians, you should always record the symptoms and cause (or causes) of a
problem and your solution.
True or false? Any Ethernet packet that is larger than 64 bytes is considered a runt.
A(n) _________________________ is a document that lists every service and software
package supported within an organization, plus the names of first- and secondlevel
support contacts for those services or software packages.
Supported Services List
A(n) _________________________ is a process or program that provides support
personnel with a centralized means of documenting changes to the network.
Change Management System
A(n) _________________________ cable is useful for quickly and easily verifying
that a node’s NIC is transmitting and receiving signals properly.
A(n) _________________________ is a device that emits a tone when it detects electrical
activity on a wire pair.
Tone Locator
Resistance is measured in _________________________.
_________________________ refers to the soundness of a network’s programs, data,
services, devices, and connections.
The term _________________________ refers to an implementation in which more
than one component is installed and ready to use for storing, processing, or transporting
Which of the following terms implies a fluctuation in voltage levels caused by other
devices on the network or electromagnetic interference?
_________________________ is a specialized storage device or group of storage
devices that provides centralized fault-tolerant data storage for a network.
Network Attached Storage
A _________________________ is a place where the computers, devices, and connectivity
necessary to rebuild a network exist, but they are not appropriately configured,
updated or connected.
Cold Site
True or false? A recordable DVD can hold up to 4.7 GB on one single-layered side,
and both sides of the disc can be used.
True or false? A Trojan horse is a program that replicates itself with the intent to
infect more computers, either through network connections or through the exchange
of external storage devices.
True or false? Boot sector viruses are commonly spread from external storage devices
to hard disks.
True or false? Fault tolerance is the capacity for a system to continue performing despite an unexpected hardware or software malfunction.
True or false? Clustering is a fault tolerance technique in which one device or component duplicates the transactions and data storage of another.
_________________________ viruses propagate themselves via network protocols,
commands, messaging programs, and data links.
A momentary decrease in voltage is known as a(n) _________________________.
Brownout or sag
The term _________________________ refers to identical components that can be
changed while a machine is still running.
_________________________ is a fault-tolerance technique that links multiple
servers together to act as a single server.
_________________________ is the process of restoring your critical functionality
and data after an enterprise-wide outage that affects more than a single system or a
limited group of users.
Disaster Recovery
Which of the following terms refers to a thorough examination of each aspect of a network to determine how it might be compromised?
Security Audit
The use of an algorithm to scramble data into a format that can be read only by
reversing the algorithm is known as _________________________.
Trying a number of possible character combinations to find the key that will decrypt
encrypted data is known as a _________________________.
Brute Force Attack
A _________________________ is a password-protected and encrypted file that
holds an individual’s identification information, including a public key.
Digital Certificate
_________________________ occurs when a hacker forges name server records to
falsify his host’s identity.
DNS Spoofing
True or false? Networks that use leased public lines, such as T1 or DSL connections
to the Internet, are vulnerable to eavesdropping at a building’s demarcation point, at a remote switching facility, or in a central office.
True or false? Proxy servers manage security at the Network layer of the OSI Model.
True or false? The Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) encrypts usernames and
passwords for transmission.
True or false? If routers are not configured to mask internal subnets, users on outside networks can read the private addresses.
True or false? Dial-up networking turns a remote workstation into a node on the network, through a remote access server.
A(n) _________________________ occurs when a system becomes unable to function
because it has been deluged with data transmissions or otherwise disrupted data.
Denial-of-service attack
A(n) _________________________ identifies your security goals, risks, levels of
authority, designated security coordinator and team members, responsibilities for each team member, and responsibilities for each employee.
Security Policy
A(n) _________________________ is a router that examines the header of every
packet of data it receives to determine whether that type of packet is authorized to
continue to its destination.
Packet-filtering firewall
In _________________________ encryption, data is encrypted using a single key that
only the sender and the receiver know.
Private Key Encryption (Symmetric)
The _________________________ protocol defines encryption, authentication, and
key management for TCP/IP transmissions.
IPSec (Internet Protocol Security)
A _________________________ is the process of clarifying the reasons and objectives
underlying a proposed change.
_________________________ represent modifications to all or part of an application
that are designed to enhance functionality or fix problems related to software.
Application Upgrades
_________________________ is necessary to ensure that all participants understand
the project’s goals, encourage teamwork, avoid duplicate efforts, and allow learning from prior mistakes.
_________________________ involves identifying and tracking the hardware and
software on your network.
Asset Management
True or false? Migrating from a Token Ring network to Ethernet is an example of a
backbone upgrade.
True or false? A contingency plan is a popular method for depicting when projects
begin and end along a horizontal timeline.
True or false? You do not have to worry about downtime or notifying users when
adding a new hub or access point, because it cannot affect anyone until it is actually in use.
True or false? The detection and signaling of device, link, or component faults is
known as performance management.
False - Network Management
True or false? A small-scale network that stands in for a larger network is sometimes
called a pilot network.
A(n) _________________________ is a reference point that marks the completion of
a major task or group of tasks in the project and contributes to measuring the project’s progress.
A(n) _________________________ outlines the costs and benefits of the project and
attempts to predict whether it will result in a favorable outcome.
Feasibility Study
_________________________ is the process of identifying steps that minimize the
risk of unforeseen events that could affect the quality or timeliness of the project’s
Contingency Planning
The process of reverting to a previous version of software after attempting to upgrade
is known as _________________________.
_________________________ is the practice of managing staff, budget, timelines,
and other resources and variables to achieve a specific goal within given bounds.
Project Management

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