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LNC midterm


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Once an employer ratifies an act, may the employer later avoid liability?
What are the goals of negotiation?
Produce a wise agreement, and improve relationships
List the elements of a wise agreement
Meets legitimate interest, resolves conflict fairly, durable
What are the four steps of principle negotiation?
separate people from the problem Focus on interest not position Generate options Base result on objective criteria
Why is it so important to people to put yourself in the shoes of the other party?
Understand their point of view
Explain "active listening"
Acknowledge and repeat what is said to show understanding
What are the two questions you should ask in order to identify interest?
Why or Why not
What are some examples of fair criteria upon which the result of a negotiation can be judged?
Blue Book, market price, professional standards cost, what a court would decide
What is BATNA? Why is it important to know your BATNA
Best alternative to negotiation agreement Its needed to know wheter to accept alternative and arrive at through negotiation versus ending negotiation
Under the negotiation Jujitsu, approach, why should you use questions instead of statement when dealing with a difficult or positional negotiation?
Questions dont criticize they educate
What are the benefits of using silence when negotiating?
Makes the other party nervous, makes them think you're about to walk away, and it makes them talk
What are some ways in which you can design a deal to minimize risk?
Guarantees and provisions, clauses, dispute resolution producer

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