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Childrens Literature


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Precise Vocabulary
800,000 in the english language. age 4-command of english language
Figurative Language
personification, similie, metaphor, imagery.
reveals character of characters
race, ethnicity, gender and exceptionality.
Parallel Cultures
the goal of equal status to all worlds populations
fear/mistrust of people who are strangers or foreigners.
Racial awareness is evident by what age.
Age 3
Racial attitudes crystallized by what age
Age 10
Adolescence is not too old for significant attitudinal change.
Literature is one of the most powerful tools for combating xenophobia.
First African American to win Newbery honor award
1949- Story of the Negro Arna Bontemps
Significance of "The All White World of Childrens Books"
1965- Nancy Larrick. reported that almost no african american appeared in any childrens literature.
CIBC founded and purpose
1966, pointed to racial stereotypes appearing in current books and helped promote minorities.
3 guidelines for handling book challenge
1. Material Selection Policy 2.Grievance Procedure 3. Steps to reduce emotional tension
10 characteristics of motivated readers
1. read for themselves 2. Have personal likes 3. feel rewarded 4. don't feel trapped. 5.Not hesitant to pass judegment. 6. read at own rate. 7.not obligated to remember everything. broad or narrowly 9.develop attachment 10.find time to read
Get children into books
1. set example 2.provide books
2 reasons to read
1. pleasure 2. better vocab/knowledge/reading skills/ etc.
Bibliotheraphy 3 kinds
1. feelings of recreation 2.sense of connectedness 3. particular insight
Louise Rosenblatts Transactional reading theory 2 types of readers
Efferent (gain info) Esthetic (participate in an expierience)
2 ways to determine book good or not
quality taste
POV, Plot, Character, setting, theme, motif
Music in Language
sounds of words create emphasis cadence
facts & feelings presented clearly in writing.
unexpected insights
story with surprise
weak writing may include
didactisism-preachy condensation control vocabulary
Purpose of Pictures(7)
Establish Setting-Fortune Tellers Define and Develop Characters Reinforce Text Provide Different Viewpoint Extend of Develop. the plot. Provide Asides Mood .Extend of Develop the plot. The Relatives Came-Cynthia Rylant
woodcut illustrations
1484 William Claxton
Literature in 16th and 17th century intended to...
endoctrinate children
Hornbooks-lesson paddles
made of wood. bible verses printed on them
Charles Perraults significance
1657 - Mother Goose/Cinderella for royalty.
Categories of Picture Books
1. ABC 2. Counting 3. Concept 4. Participation 5. Wordless 6.Predictable 7. Beginning Reader 8. Picture Story books 9. Engineered 10. Babyboard (books available in AV format)
Newbery Award
ALA 1922, chapter book. Announced in 08, book published in 07.Winner-Gold Honor-Silver.
1st Newbery Winner
The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Willem Van Loon
ALA Best American Illustrator Established 1936
1st Caldecott Winner
"Animals of the Bible" Dorothy P Lathrop
Sequoyah Award
OLA children choose from list. 1953-Old Yeller-Fred Gipson.
First Day Jitters
Auth: Julie Danneberg Illus: Judy Love Plot: Sarah didn't want to go to school. Sarah was the teacher. Category: CRF
Julius Baby of the World
Auth: Kevin Henkes Illus: Kevin Henkes

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