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Maximum Ramp Weight
98,250 lbs
Maximum T/O Weight
98,000 lbs
Maximum Landing Weight
78,600 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight
56,000 lbs
Minimum Operating Empty Weight
45,000 lbs
300 KIAS SL to 8,000 ft
340 KIAS 8,000 to 30,267 ft
200 KIAS
Turb Penetration
300 KIAS or M .80 whichever is lower
Max Tire Speed
M .70
VFE Slats
225 KIAS
VFE Flaps 6
210 KIAS
VFE Flaps 16
210 KIAS
VFE Flaps 30
185 KIAS
The maximum speed that it is safe to extend and retract the gear
200 KIAS
Maximum speed at which the airplane may be flown with the gear down is
250 KIAS
What is the maximum altitude that you can fly with the gear down?
20,000 ft
Maximum airport pressure altitude is for take off and landing is
10,000 ft
Maximum Operating Altitude is
51,000 ft
Maximum ambient air temperature approved for take off and landing is
+50 deg C
Minimum ambient temperature approved for take off is
-30 or -40 deg C ???
During takeoff, use of cowl anti-ice in ______ is prohibited
When must the cowl anti-ice be selected on for takeoff
OAT is 10 deg C or less with visible moisture or a contaminated runway
Icing conditions exist in flight when?
The TAT is 10 deg C or below and visible moisture except when the SAT is -40 deg C
During takeoff, the use of wing anti-ice in ______ is prohibited
When must the wing anti-ice be selected on for takeoff
When the OAT is 5 deg C or less in visible moisture or contaminated runway
The maximum runway slopes approved for takeoff and landing is
+2% uphill
-2% downhill
The maximum tailwind component approved for takeoff and landing is
10 Kts
Engine starts are not permitted when the tailwind componentexceeds
20 kts
Total fuel left main tank
15,050 lbs
Total fuel right main tank
15,050 lbs
Total fuel center tank
11,150 lbs
Total aft tank
2,300 lbs
Total fuel
43,550 lbs
When the wing tanks have more than 20,250 lbs the on ground, max imbalance is
600 lbs
Max fuel imbalance in flight is
1100 lbs
The engine starter must not be used for start if the indicated RPM exceeds
42% N2
What is the minimum fuel quantity for a go around per wing
600 lbs
When using wide cut fuels operation is limited to ______ ft until the bulk fuel temp is below ______deg C
13,000 ft, 15 deg C
Minimum Bulk Fuel for take-off
-30 deg C
Maximum Bulk Fuel for take-off
54 deg C
Bulk Fuel Freezing Point
-40 deg C
Minimum Engine Fuel Temperature for take-off
5 deg C
Fuel Recirc must be _____ for take-off and initial climb to altitude
Fuel Recirc must be off below?
34,000 ft
It is recommended that the Fuel Recirc be turned on when the bulk fuel temp reaches ______
-25 deg C
What is the maximum oil consumption per engine?
0.2 litre per hour
Minimum Oil Temp for start is
-40 deg C
Minimum Oil Temp before the engine can be accelerated above idle is
+20 deg C
Maximum Permissible Oil Temp is
+160 deg C
It is prohibited to replenish the engine oil when the OAT is
less then -12 deg C
The autothrottle must be engaged and take-off thrust verified prior to ______ for autothrottle engaged take-off
Maximum APU RPM is
Maximum APU EGT for start is
675 deg C to 1038 deg C
APU EGT for Normal Operations is
613 deg C to 732 deg C
Maximum Operating Altitude for the APU is
45,000 ft
Minimum ambient temp for starting a cold soaked APU is
-40 deg C
The max number of start attempts per hour for the APU is
Maximum altitude to start the APU is
37,000 ft
Maximum altitude to extract Bleed Air is
30,000 ft
It is prohibited to extract Bleed Air for air conditioning if the OAT is above
45 deg C
Manueuveing Load Limit Factors
Slats/Flaps Retracted -1 to +2.5 G
Slats/Flaps Extended 0.0 to +2.0 G
Pack Discharge Temps during manual mode temp control must be kept between
5 deg C and 60 deg C
If you are in manual pressurization control what must you do with the packs
Turn one off
The maximum relief differential pressure is
10.73 psi
The maximum negative relief differential pressure is
-0.5 psi
At touchdown on landing the pressure diff must not exceed
AUX PRESS system operations are prohibited at altitudes above
41,000 ft
Maximum altitude for flight with the yaw damper disengaged is
41,000 ft
The minimum autopilot engage height is
400 ft AGL
The minimum autopilot use height for a precision appr is
50 ft AGL
The minimum autopilot use height for a non-precision appr is
400 ft AGL
USE of FLC with the speed bug above M .85 is
The APU Generator load limit is
40 KVA
For operations above ______ if the APU generator is powering a bus the associated _______ must be selected off
37,000, hydraulic
Flight Spoilers must be retracted below
300 ft
Flight with flaps/slats extended at altitudes above _______ is prohibited
18,000 ft
During QFE operations with no GPS sensors available the EGPWS system must be inhibited by selecting the TERRAIN switch to OFF
The TERR switch must be selected off nwhen within ____ nm of an airport not in the database
The terrain database does not account for man-made obstructions except for asll known man-made obstructions in Canada, The US and Mexico
The FMS must not be used as a navigation source it is receiving suitable navigation information from what sources?
One VOR/DME, or
Two DME's, or
Use of FMS as a sole NAV source for inst apprs past the final appr fix is prohibited unless _____ is displayed on the PFD
How many FMS's must be installed and operating and receiving information from at least two inertial ref systems to operate legally into MNPS airspace?
The use of GPS is approved for supplemental means of enroute and terminal operations.
Are GPS only approaches approved?
Are RNP 5 operations approved
RNP 10 is approved. How long can you fly in NAV with out the IRS's updating
6.2 hours, Unlimited with a second GPS installed
The use of VNAV is prohibited when the baro altitude is set to landing field elevation in QFE Ops
What is the maximum operating airspeed in RVSM airspace
M .86
What is the maximum altimeter difference to remain in RVSM airspace
200 ft between the coupled altimeter and either of the other primary sources
To be legal in RVSM ops the autopilot must be coupled to the same active ADC as the active ______
What required equipment must you have and how many of each item must be operational to operate in RVSM airspace
Autopilot(2) 1 Operational
Altitude Alert Sys (2) 1 Oper
ATC Transponder (2) 1 Oper
Micro ADC (3) 2 Oper
Pitot Probe Heat (4) 2 Oper
If operating with the RAT deployed are RVSM requirements met?
FMS TOLD informations is advisory only
When the x wind component exceeds 20 kts the RWY REQ must be increased by
1700 ft for flap 6 and
1500 ft for flap 16
When is the use of the FMS TOLD function prohibited
When the OAT is below -30 deg C or above +45 deg C
The use of FMS 3 for TOLD calculations is prohibited
The FMS TOLD function is prohibited during QFE ops
When operating single engine the "cowl anti-ice on" must be selected on on the FMS regardless of the whether it is actually on or not
For tailwind operations you must increase the FMS TOLD take-off field length by _____ and the landing field length by _______.
65 ft and 110 ft
For take-offs with one TR inop use the 0 TR operative distance
Is the use of the FLEX mode on the FMS for take-off approved
When is the use of the FMS TOLD functions prohibited
BRAKE TEMP message
Contaminated Rwys
Airport Elev above 10,000 ft

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