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Religion Quiz


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What is a type?
It is when something points forward to something else in the future, we call the earlier thing a type of the later thing.
It is either a History book or Prophecy book if...
there is a person mentioned in the story.
What are the 4 types of Books in the Bible?
Law, Wisdom, History, and Prophecy.
The telling about future events and/or speaking for God about the present.
What are 3 examples of types?
1. Abraham to God. 2. Isaac to Jesus. 3. Them both walking up a hill carrying with the sticks for there sacrifice.
What is typology?
The study of types in the Old Testament.
It must be a Wisdom book if...
there is advice, a lesson learned, a moral taught, or proverbs given.
Describe the Wisdom books.
They are Proverbs, Advice, Lessons, a moral.
Describe the law books.
Rules; Pentetuech- Genesis, Exodus, Levititicus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
Describe the History books.
Actual events that took place and/or story of an actual persons life.
It must be a law book if...
it is one of the Pentetuech books (1st five books of the bible).
Every book of the old Testament falls under...
One of the 4 Types of books.

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