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Minor Arcana: The Suits & The Numbers in General [Pagan Tarot deck]

The Minor Arcana in the Pagan Tarot deck deals with situations of a more mundane and everyday nature. These are no less significant in our growth, but have a more common symbolism. Generally we have more control over them.

The easiest way to keep their meanings straight is to bear in mind the nature of the Element of each suit, and then to apply it to the meaning of the number, thus leading to a cross-reference of symbolism which allows us to create the specific meaning for each reading depending on the circumstances. For example, the Ace of Earth is a new beginning in a physical matter, thus a new job, a new home, a new car, new shoes, etc.


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Brings a sense of new balance, the simple beginnings of stability, a yin/yang energy that centers & balances us, yet keeps us moving; it is not a matter of staying in one place, but a moment of trust within a pattern of progress and growth.
Earth Suit [Pentacles/Coins]
Represents physical things, also financial sense. Security, comforts, things we do to ensure our survival. "Physically"
Water Suit [Cups/Chalices]
Represents & deals heavily with emotional realm of the heart & the feelings we experience as we grow & move through various situations & relationships in our lives. Illustrates moments where we experience emotional growth through changes & in our encounters with various people. "Emotionally"
This card sums up the energy of the completed suit & demonstrates where we find ourselves once we have worked our way through all of the situations & patterns we needed to change in our lives. This card can be both success & failure, but even that failure has inherent within it the power to heal & be reborn.
Represents another challenge; we are hard at work on the path we have chosen, but this time our labor pays off and we feel as though what we are creating will finally benefit us and those that we love.
Long considered a "lucky" or fortuitous number, this hails a fresh start, where all things are possible not in spite of, but because of, what we have thus endured. Our growth is going to be called upon to help us now in our new path.
Represents dealing with challenge, a turning point. Also represents the moment when situations cease to be as difficult, & begin to turn in our favor. This does not mean we are finished; merely that we have a second wind, & a new hope to continue along our path.
Represents a sign that a cleansing is in order; time to release things of the past, time to let go of the self that no longer fits. Emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical-- there is a part of life which no longer suits us, & it is time for us to move onward & upward.
Initiate [Queen]
This card is a higher level of energy within the court. It has made much progress & some commitment has already been established. Growth is not by any means limited or finished, there is still much to be done; however, validation of the chosen path is ours, because we have accomplished enough to see that success will be ours if we continue working as we have been. We can enjoy what we have, but not get lazy or complacent.
Represents a sign of stability, a solid foundation upon which to build. Whether in the physical sense, or the emotional, mental, spiritual sense, this card means that a new center of gravity is present, and it is time to build upon that. Regardless of what else is going on, this card is a positive sign for hope, because it is building, not taking away.
Much as three is a number of a completed cycle, this is an indication of a theme of much completion & and change. Like karma, which is at the core of the Pagan and Wiccan spiritual path, we have learned the lessons we needed to learn from the experiences & situations around us, & have conquered our demons. Success follows.
Fire Suit [Wands/Staff/Rods]
Represents the spiritual challenges that's present in all life, particularly of modern Pagans. A challenge to find one's identity without labeling, be certain of one's ethics & standards, and to solidify & understand one's beliefs & values in life. "Spiritually"
Represents new beginnings, something that is literally, physically new entering our lives & waking us up to a new decision, path, or challenge we can take. An energy that gives us something to work with , where a piece of the puzzle might have been missing previously.
Novice [Knight]
This card is the next level of commitment & action within the tarot court. This card shows us where we have literally begun to throw our energy into our new path, whether it be mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual. We are action-oriented & motivated to work on our goals. As long as we don't lose sight of the rest of our lives, this can be healthy.
Elder [King]
This card has achieved the highest levels of power that are possible along the given path. In order to continue growing, this card must pass on the knowledge & experience to someone coming up the path; no further accomplishment is possible without teaching or in some other way helping others. A new path may also be recommended. We can go no further without some form of change.
Elemental [Page]
This card represents the spark, the absolute purest form of the energy of the suit (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) & thus this card has both every possible potential as well as limitless boundaries. Inspiration, initiation, & the birth of the new. When we see this card, we are setting forth on a journey of a thousand miles, & have just taken our first step.
Represents a number of completion. Every cycle of energy has a beginning, middle, and end. When you see this card in your reading, a cycle is being completed, which allows movement forward & the ability to leave something behind.
Air Suit [Swords]
Represents mental & intellectual things, usually perception & wisdom. Also arguments & stresses arising in our lives. "Mentally"

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