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Noun Based Phonetic Study Guide


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13.Congratulations! You now know the first 100 words. Here's your diploma. For quicker reference, it gets even more interesting. You can give each number a voice. You can go to and type musical score to find a sound designation program. I u
14.If you choose to give each face/number a voice, just doodle like when you were in grammar school. In the beginning, DO NOT anchor any one sound to any number. You can use 10 ascending notes and the same 10 notes descending for one instrumental sound, and simply for each following 20 a different instrumental sound and notes. Doodle like different colored crayons on paper.
22.A very flawed energy aura from inside you is seen by a group of teenagers, and they laugh because of it. Once you dance, they wonder how is it possible you dance so well. Since it is true that even if you are 75 years old you are also 5 years old, who
23a.A mother gives her 3 children chores before they go to grammar school. One polishes briskly all the shoes, another irons the clothes. One day before school, the mother notices the children just playing. Why arent you preparing for school? We did it a week in advance! I applaud your creativity, but from now on, I want you to still do the chores before school. However
1. First, graduate from grade school:,
2. Get 100 face and name cards, like Pokemon. I bought 2 of Memory Pack, Andi Bell, from
26b.advantage. Have you ever seen a student go around the world just to tap you on the shoulder from behind? There was that one moment when the teacher laughed and patted me on the arm. I did it! One moment and one moment only did that ever happen. Excus
26c.rules can be made with their own reasoning, even if the rules are completely off, as you talk to that person. You dont even need to use a sailboat, but you have to start from somewhere.
17.To avoid the sting of studying black text printed on bright white paper, you could transfer the text to your computers Microsoft Word, under Format click Borders and Shading, select Shading, Style 5%. If I had a nickel for every person that discarded
18.When I was in college, students saturated their conversations with parody and farce, especially during orientation. If you are wet behind the ears, you may dismiss such conversations entirely. Take into consideration that parody and farce conversations can contain a GREAT deal of useful information. Dismiss them entirely, and you will dismiss your education.
21a.To continue from this point on, I am going to create for you a step. In your imagination, get kicked out of a monastary you are the boss to a few times before they finally accept you. For example in one monastary you are in a dating group and they wa
21b.None of them show up in the library. Make the offer reasonable so that you feel the rejection. Turn the rejection into a pillow you can sleep on, sand you can squeeze in your hand. Once you get better at it, some will visit you in the library for other reasons. With this, you should at least survive many of your peers leaving the room while you are giving a speech.
5.For 1st timers using image association in such an obvious way, do not worry. Each card by now has a face, name, rotating image representing a number on a cylinder, and a 3Dsticker on shoulder. All you have to do is study everything first on separate pl
6. A teacher created a clear plastic board with the number 5 seen through one side and a three on the other side. What number from 1 to 5 is behind this board? Whatever answer the student said, the board was turned around to show the three, and the teacher said Dont judge a book by its cover. The sentences are made the same way. Break away from obvious distraction. carry the empty cups into the bathroom. One study used the empty cup data to give teenagers technology in plastic that looks like babies to monitor how well they can take care of children. The teenagers were told to believe they were real babies,
26a.My mentor says its time to set sail. We sit back to back as I describe to the teacher how to take the sailboat out to sea. Where there are no mistakes, the teacher shows my reasoning that there are, giving new meaning every time to the phrase trip and fall. Now lets switch, the teacher says. We move the chairs so that we can face each other. I am now the teacher with an
19.When you look at your college schedule of courses, look at it as if it is a blank sheet of paper. You wake up, look at it, and it is blank. As you look at it, a new schedule is created. Believe that every day it is a new schedule. For example, you cou
20.A swordsman told his student to learn first his 5 basic lessons, each lesson made at the end to show an improvement compared to the other. If you try to use what I do when competing, you will either be delayed for many years or NEVER learn. In college as well as in reality, you will perceive things that you should only regard FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, especially diaries.
9.Picture the names in your mind forward direction with no help from sentences or images. Say the names in your head only. Do the same reverse direction. Make 100 flash cards. For a flashcard program, I use Academic Flashcards 2.0 One side the number 1-1
10.Here's when it get's interesting. In your mind count from 1-100, then count 100-1 ONLY. Keep the data on separate plates. Now see the numbers as you count from 1-100, but say the face card name instead of the number name. So Face name of 1, Face name of 2, etc. forward and reverse. You should comfortably say-I have (Face card name of 49) dollars in my wallet.
15.You do not need to use musical notes to continue. Instead, you can make useful all those years of watching TV through VHS course tutorials.
Simply write down the numbered categories. Let's say you created 50 categor
16.To see if it is right for you, just buy 1 VHS tape from, Basic Math, even if you are a Math teacher. Beginners, do not buy the DVD yet, since you tend to drown in your own convenience.
3.Organize face cards alphabetically, print out and tape 100 sets of numbers with this format:_ _ 1, _ _ 2,- _99, and finally _ _ 00. Do not memorize faces. Just recognize them with their corresponding names.
4.After you memorize ONLY the sentences for the first 100 forward and backward, imagine in front of each face card a cylindrical white vertical stand rotating each noun based number representative, such as a 1)tie or 61)jet, and a 3-D flat sticker of tie or jet on each person, left or right shoulder.
24b.the student enters, he asks the normal woman which room she will enter. Oh, Ive done this a few times already. I can enter any of them! Since you can create your future based on the parties you can attend, watch any party in television and imagine al
25a.While talking to people socially or in your job, hold an empty coffee cup with nothing in it previously with a lid and believe there is coffee in it. Hold it in such a way that others believe there is coffee in it. If they ask you why, tell them the truth. If you accidentally drop it, you and the others should believe that there is coffee in that cup. Performers have been known
7.Learn at your own pace. This system is too powerful to be squandered away by competition. To create an anchor, take the 1 of 5 face card out forward direction, so (1)tie-6)shoe-11)toad etc., go over the sentences with them, and repeat with reverse sent
8.Using the 1 of 5 anchor cards, memorize ONLY the names. Take the first letter of each name, create a phrase or new word with these first letters, and group with anchor cards accordingly. When you see an anchor card, you should recall 5 names. Do the same with the reverse anchor cards, 15)doll-10)dice-5)oil, etc. Practice, practice, practice.
23b.use your reasoning in other categories in your lives.
24a.With 2 languages, one gives support to the other. With more than 2, you will without knowing speak on separate plates. In a room there is a big sign, Where are you born in America? 10 rooms, each representing a group of states and contains teachers who all know more than 2 languages. 2 people are in front of the doors. One sees the door that applies. Before
11.Hold your wallet, and say-I have (Face card name) dollars in my wallet with all 100 names. Now in your MIND count from 1-100 with the face card names. Count reverse 100-1 with the face card names. Count from 1-100 with the phonetic noun based words st
12.Notice I am not emphasizing the cylindrical stand with the noun based image rotating and the 3D sticker on the shoulder. Just create the images comfortably for each photo. By knowing the names, you know more than the answer, even though you never said the answer. With this technique, you will know the answers to MANY questions never specifically asked to you.

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