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chapter 25


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ida b wells
journalist and teacher, encouraged black women to join the nationwie anti lynching crusade.
social gospel
the sermon on the mount was the science of society. socalism is the logical outcome of Christianity. did much to prick middle class conscious.
womens christian temperance union
organized in 1874. fought against alhocol.
joseph pulitzer
a journalistic tycoon. hungarian born, a leader in the technique of sensationalism, especially with his paper the new youk world.
charolette perkins gilman
a major feminist prophit in 1898. called on women to abonden their depenent status and contribute to society. n
morrill act of 1862
passed after the south had seceeded, gave generous grant of land to state education.
booker t washington
foremost champion of black education. a former slave. decided not to fight the battle fore equality, only for the ability to help other blacks make themselves better. thought economic independence was the key to social equality.
florence kelly
lead anti sweatshop legislature in ill. that protected children and women's rights. fought for the underprivileged.
mary baker eddy
founded the christian science church in 1879. thought that true christianity healed sickness. died in 1910.
jane adams
middle class woman deeply dedicated to helping the poor and lifting them out of the slums. condemned war and poverty.
the nation
very influential magizine. liberal and intelectual, it was read by teachers, preachers,and publicists.
hatch act of 1887
provided funds for the establishment of agricultural exoperiments in association wirth the land grant colleges under the morrill act of 1862.
george washington carver
slave born, researched at booker t washington's tuskegee institute. discovered hundreds of uses for the peanut.
salvation army
originally, a new religous denomination. came to america for england in 1879. it did much practical good.
william randolph hearst
a close and ruthless competetor to pulitzer, he waskicked out of harvard, but used his fathers millions to build up a powerful chaine of newspapers.
carrie chapman catt
a pragmatic an businesslike woman who had, by 1900, taken over the fight for female sufferage. likned the ballot to traditional female roles.
web du bois
conemned booker t washingtons plan for economic power, and not necessairly social power, and a condemnation of the african american race. the first black man to get a phd at harvard. demanded complete equality, and helped found the NAACP.
founded, in part, by web du bois. the national asssociation for the advancement of colored people.
mary cassatt
an american exile in paris, her paintings were beautiful and earned her a place in the pantheon of french impressionist panters.
hull house
located in poor imigrant area. offered english lessons, child care, and general help for imigrants.
carrie a nation
muscualr and anti derranged woman, she estroyed saloons in her wild anti drinking crusade.

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