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Portuguese Vocabulary from Lesson 8c of Living Language


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of the boy
do menino
of the girl
da menina
of the boys
dos meninos
of the girls
das meninas
to the boy
ao menino
to the girl
à menina
to the boys
aos meninos
to the girls
às meninas
in the pocket
no bolso
in the pockets
nos bolsos
on the beach
na praia
on the beaches
nas praias
the big table
a mesa grande
the big tables
as mesas grandes
the elephant
o elefante
the elephantes
os elefantes
the fresh apple
a maçã fresca
the fresh apples
as maçãs frescas
the mother
a mãe
the mothers
as mães
the law
a lei
the laws
as leis
the green veil
o véu verde
the green veils
os véus verdes
the lesson
a lição
the lessons
as lições
the airplane
o avião
the airplanes
os aviões

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